Friday, January 30, 2009

What's In Your Forecast?

Thanks for everyone's comments about the weather. This is just too funny to let rest. Have ya'll been reading everyone's posts lately? It's all about this crazy extreme weather we've been having. But what's so stinkin' comical is listening to the weathermen.

First, let me say a big thanks to Tammy for enlightening me on the difference between freezing rain and sleet. I truly did not know there was a difference. We just always called it sleet. Yesterday, I kid you not, we were forecasted "abundant sunshine". It's not percentages any's forecasted in amounts!! But get this... Kathleen was forecasted frozen fog...what the heck is frozen fog?! Where do these guys come up with this stuff? Remember the old Parkay commercial "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature" and it lightnings when she snaps her fingers?

I would love to keep hearing from everyone what's in your forecast? What do you expect to see when you open your door in the morning...a slathering of freezing rain, two scoops of frozen fog, sprinkled with a few cats and dogs? Curious minds want to know...


  1. Yes, the weather's been goofy! We've had two mornings now with frozen fog. All I know is yesterday, it was foggy and there was a light frost on everything. The weatherman showed a closeup of the fog crystals and they are log and tubular instead of round like snowflakes. Guess that could make a difference. Anyway, it was pretty - it only happened in the low spots in the landscape where you'd normally see fog. The high places not so much. This morning it was sunny, but there was lots of "frog" again.

    Ok there you have the official word on "frog" directly from the weatherman, Mark Scirto, from Channel 7 in Tyler, TX. ;^)

  2. Oh my gosh! That is sooo funny! Not cats and dogs but frog!!
    I love it!

  3. lol! That photo just cracks me up!

    Well, we're getting odd weather here, a good way. It's been in the upper 50's with gorgeous sunny days.
    Usually it's gusting wind with temps in the 20's and 30's this time of I am not complaining. I just wish I could be out in it :(


  4. My last post was bout CRAZY weather here!! LOL

  5. Today is 50s and sunshine, tommorrow a cold front so only in the 30s and for Monday--No More Ice! I kid you not, that was what the local weather caster had on his forecast. Too funny and I think more of a desperate hope than anything. We are bordering the area of Arkansas that just got devastated by this last round of ice. Poor folks.

  6. Yes, frozen fog is real, we had that too last week with the ice storms, amazing what Mother Nature can do!


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