Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Not BlueBell

Did they really think they could put Mint Chocolate Chip in a gum?! It tasted like that for about a minute and then tastes just like mint gum. Ha! The imagery isn't even working for's still gum. Good try though.
Happy Trails...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How are those New Year Resolutions Working for Ya'll?

What is today..oh yeah, the 12th. Already the 12th! And, the answer for me is "no". My same resolution that I've had for the past 15 years is apparently going to be the same one for next year! Every night I pray that I'll be strong the next day to stick with eating smart and the very next day, I find some reason to indulge to get me off track. Why? Grhhhh! How frustrating!

But...let me tell you folks up north of here that don't get this...

Meet Blue Bell.. a little bit of Heaven. This is my indulgence. Once upon a time in a not too far away town called Brenham, Texas, there was once a little creamery started in 1907. They make the best ice cream on this planet! And any and every flavor you could imagine.

You can't imagine how this stuff helps my indigestion! Really!...

Well, tonight at Bible Study (by the way, we had a great study...again!) we were reading in Ephesians and verse 10 in Chapter 2 gives me great comfort. "For we are His workmanship". I am God's work of art. Now, to me, I am a work in progress but this verse is giving me new hope. I have got to have more respect for myself to keep on trying. Tomorrow is the 13th. A good day to start eating smart.
Happy Trails...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What? Is this January?

I thought after Christmas things were supposed to slow down. I've still been busy as can be and have gifts to still be delivered! Everyone is so spread out! I remember (way back) when families used to live pretty close together and everyone would get together on Sunday afternoons. Now, it's difficult trying to coordinate with everyone's schedules.
I have been tucked away in the sewing room finishing up some projects. Gifts for two of the granddaughters were dress-up clothes. I have to admit..I had a blast making these. Ashlyn had a movie date with her Pawpaw last month to see Tangled so she got a Rapunzel dress with loooong hair.

Then, Kenley is all about Super Why (PBS Kids) so she got Super Why and Wonder Red.

I still have three more little girls to grow up into this costume stage and this Nana can't wait! What are their little personalities going to be? I'm being encouraged to make costumes and matching girl and doll clothes so get ready...they're coming soon to my Etsy shop.
Happy Trails...