Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Add Trusses and You Get a Roof

Today the trusses went up and the roof boards..I don't really know what they're called. It's all a lot of lumber to me. And the boards around the bottom. So now it's not just a bunch of posts sticking up out of the ground..it actually looks like it might be a building.

Tomorrow the plumber and the electrician come out to do their thing. Even the guy that's doing the trim work will be here to mark a wall for the electrician. It should be pretty chaotic around here tomorrow. I hope it all goes smoothly because this really makes me nervous.

I've ordered the windows and the doors. I think they're scheduled to go in the week after next.
I had to add this picture with the RV in it. In the first picture I was standing on the RV steps looking at the back of the house. So the RV is fairly close to where everyone is working. I got to thinking ...uh-oh... if I had a dollar for every time someone walked up here to the RV and said "I'll bet you'll be glad to get out of there!"...I'd be darn close to having enough money to pay for this house!
Happy Trails...


  1. It's so very nice to meet you, thank you for taking the time to leave me a hello and some advice. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight and my heart is breaking for your dear Prissy. We have my old mare named Sassy and she is now 26 years old and she is a very special horse to us also. We wonder every year if she will make it through the winter or not. I know your pain of losing this special horse, I am so sorry.

    On a lighter note, congrats on the chicks and the new house. How exciting is all this. I have chickens and I enjoy them so much. It took some convincing on my part to get my husband to agree to get themm but know he like them also. I have about 10 dozen eggs right now in my fridge to either sale or give away to the neighbors. I sorta let them get away from me about getting them sold and such. I will add you to my side bar, hope its ok. I enjoyed reading about your adventures and would like to return regulary.

  2. I'm enjoying "the build" from afar. Thanks for updating.

  3. Hi, Berte -
    Another Texas gal here - East Texas. I ran across your blog today and had to stop by and say hi! I shall go back and do some reading... I'm wondering about where along the Brazos you are? My husband and son both went to A&M and I've been to Clifton a few times - it's beautiful there in Central Texas! Come by and visit sometime! Vickie


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