Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally! The House is Started

If any of you have ever done any RV'ing, then you will know that a travel trailer is put together pretty much with popsicle sticks and duck tape. There's not much to them so they can be light enough to be on the road full of one's prize possessions. Truthfully, they're flimsy as heck! And with that, so is the plastic bathtub that is not much bigger than a #10 washtub. Ours is a tub/shower combo... I don't know why they call it a tub because there is no way I could get my fat butt down in the tub let alone figure out how to get back up! But anyway, ours, for the second time now, has cracked....gee, I wonder how that could be with our dainty little bodies in there!! Because of the crack, there is no way to take a shower so this morning I had to "bathe" out of the bathroom sink, which is comparable to the size of the tub. I actually felt cleaner because I could take my time. Please understand that the hot water heater in a typical RV holds 10 gallons. That's about 3 minutes of shower time. We've just about got it down to a science. So while the guys were out working on the house, I was here in the RV playing Mrs. Repairman getting high on fiberglass resin fumes. When my daughter called this morning to ask what I was doing, she said "Now, that's living in the country!"

But the day was good because early this morning, the first round of workers showed up to start on the house.
When I first started planning this house in my head, I sketched it out on quilting graph paper. Then it went to the architech for blueprints. It was cool to see my plans all laid out. We visualized a small grandpa and grandma house but when we got the plans back, it was over 1700 sq ft. Now when I walk thru all these exterior posts, it's getting smaller. Buddy said it will go in stages of looking small, then large, then small and then large again. Whatever...I'm anxious to see some walls so I can really tell.
It should start taking shape pretty quickly...plan for the trusses to go up Monday. Can't wait!
Now I'm off to go tuck in my biddies for the night.

Happy Trails...

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