Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Life on the Farm

Finally! I've had chicks hatch out. This mama hen persevered through extreme heat, cold and even a possom curled up for a nap two "doors" down to hatch out these six little chicks. This is sooo much fun! Now I can share in the excitement that others of you post about when you have little ones.. chicks, goats, lambs, etc. I have chicks!!!

As far as the possum, I went out one day in the morning to all the ruckus and another hen was on this mama's nest. I got her off and the mama got back on her nest. When I went back out in the evening to gather eggs, I lifted the lid on the nest box and thought there was a snake in one of the nest boxes. Yep, I 'bout wet my pants right there! But it was a possum curled up taking a nap. And there was mama hen sitting two boxes down on her nest. My generous BIL gathered up his gun and came over to take care of the possum. That mama hen didnt' budge.

Happy Trails,