Sunday, February 6, 2011

Do I Dare?

Do I even let the words slip through my mouth? Should I even be thinking it? Okay...I'm already sick of Super Bowl Sunday. There..I said it.. We had a wonderful church service this morning, then home for a great meal shared with friends, fed all the critters and then the tv came on. Ugh... I guess I'm going to be chastized but I just can't get all that excited about a football game. Now, of all things, the President is on tv during all this Super Bowl audience. What is going on?
I am thankful that the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day for a football game in Arlington. I do hope everyone has a safe and fun Super Bowl Day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gettin' Ready for the Next Wave of Cold

Thought I'd grab my camera this morning when I went out to feed. With the cold, it brings more than just putting out feed. I'm having to go out every few hours and break up the ice so these animals will have something to drink. I also fish out the ice so it doesn't freeze back so quick.

I am thankful that the wind has died down today. The past couple of days the north wind has sent hay out all over the place. Anyone have any desire for a worthless Longhorn? She is nothing more than an oversized dog with horns!

Here's my Jess..doesn't she have the sweetest eyes?

And Buddy's Cinch...he's just an all-aroung sweetheart.
Most of the chickens were in their house or huddled up in the shed. Some of them did come out and get their pot of hot oatmeal....yummm, they love it.

But it's pretty much very quiet and desolate out here...waiting for another round of cold to come in this afternoon. We're forecasted to have 80% of snow starting this afternoon ... 1-3 inches of it. This is not supposed to be happening in Texas!
Right now, all I hear is the clanking of the chains against the metal panels of the round pen. So I'll sit and wait by the fire...inside...
Stay warm and Happy Trails...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too Cold!

Okay, as far as I'm concerned, Old Man Winter can go back out on the same iceberg he rode in on. I don't do cold. Of course, we woke up to no water. At least we had electricity until the rolling blackouts started. I am so thankful for our wood stove. It is toasty warm in here. Buddy had it down to where it kept the whole house warm all night. The only bad thing is that he left his little plastic wisk broom on the stove yesterday when he lit it and it melted it all over the top and stunk up the house for hours. What a mess.
My poor chickens.. this is what was in the nest boxes...

All their eggs were frozen. Poor things..that must have been like sitting on ice cubes! Brrrr!
Hope everyone stays warm in all this. I hope it holds true about that fat groundhog not seeing his shadow and spring is around the corner.
Happy Trails...