Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moving Along, Making Progress

Hello...I'm still here. It seems like everything is needing my attention all at once. We've had some absolutely beautiful weather here so the house is coming along. It's 77 degrees, the sun is shining, a breeze is coming in off the land and it's an "open the windows" kind of day.

Concrete is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7am. Today the guys are working high on scaffolding putting in soffits. Poor Jasper is having to stay on the chain today because he loves running and playing on the plastic layed down under the rebar. Then when he plays on it, the neighbor dog comes running over to play and I'm scared they are going to trip one of these guys...that would be worse than bad. All of the dogs will have to stay tied up tomorrow or we'll have a bunch of little doggy footprints in the concrete. So, while Jasper is tied out in the back, the DirecTV goes out...well, duh, the cable is lying on the ground. I take one look at Jasper and want to lay the blame on him. Then he looks up at me with those "What? no beans?" squinty-eyed look like Jake on the Bush Beans commercial. Okay, it couldn't have been him. His chain doesn't quite reach. All I know is that it's loose as a goose and I can't a now I wait til Monday for that serviceman. I am not so mechanically inclined but I might give it a try later and see if I can fix it.
I've also been working on the online store...yes, it's still in the works and will be up and running, hopefully, very soon. I am not computer savvy so am working with someone who I think is going to give me a great website. I'm pretty excited about it. I can't wait to show it off to everyone. I'll have to have some big grand opening special for sure.
Tomorrow's a big day so I'll have the camera battery charged up and ready to go.
Happy Trails...


  1. That is some warm weather! Glad things are moving along with the house.

  2. Hi Berte, thanks for stopping by my blog to visit. I just loved reading your posts and I don't think I could ever get sick of seeing chicken pictures! lol. I live in West Texas and we are also have warm sunny days. But we are extremely much need of moisture. Have a good weekend, blessings, Kathleen

  3. Everything is coming along good out there. Oh but I remember them days!
    My email is

    It has been really cold here all week. I am thankful for it. It will help kill off some of these bugs around here! Not looking forward to Georgias hot humid weather yet!! LOL


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