Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busy Morning - Pretty Day

I finally got the chickens moved over to their new house. Check out my carpentry skills on their little step ladder...ha! It might be ugly but it works. I went out to take their picture and the ones that were out came running up to me. I'm loving it!

This morning the plumbers and the electrician were scheduled to come out and start. As it turns out, the electrician wants to wait til it's farther along to put his underground part in. He's afraid it will get moved. And I haven't heard from the plumbers....I told them today or tomorrow so I guess they're waiting til later today or tomorrow.
Yesterday's weather was super windy. Today the high is 62 and no wind...perfect day for putting on the roof insulation and metal. These guys are clicking along.

With everything else going on this morning, Buddy informed me that the farrier was on his way. Yikes! I had forgotten all about him coming today. Fortunately, the horses were already up at the barn. This is a picture of Jess after her pedicure just standing there looking pretty.

I'll post more end-of-the-day pictures after the workers are gone.

Happy Trails...

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  1. Hi Berte! I love your chicken house! I just stopped by your blog today to make sure I had the right direction going on the site set up. We are putting up a chicken house this spring too.... I CANT WAIT! We go through about a dozen eggs a day with all the kids ( who are growing - Lord help me! ) so having eggs here anytime I need them is going to be so nice! I will put pictures up on my blog when we have it up!


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