Sunday, January 11, 2009

One of Those Weekends

I've been under the weather all weekend so it's been one of those stay at home, stay in and mostly stay-in-bed weekends with cocktail of choice, NyQuil. I've missed church and my grandson's birthday party for his third birthday. Ugh...

I did walk out this afternoon to see Buddy with his new toy. This log splitter is a dream. This will certainly make the job of cutting up 100 trees much easier.

Since my voice is just about gone, I've gone back and forth from the bed to sitting at my computer reading everyone's blog. I can't imagine living in the freezing cold like Alyson from Canada. She had to go out in temps of -25C to take care of her chickens. That's dedication. I even put in my two cents worth on voting for a farm name at Dream Farm. Thanks to everyone for keeping me entertained today. I love reading all your blogs.

Happy Trails...

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