Friday, January 16, 2009

Meeting of the Minds

Yesterday morning started pretty stressful trying to get everyone on the same wasn't happening. After getting three of the contractors here and listening to them each voice views on how things should be done and watching them remove caps and cowboy hats, scratch heads and replace caps and hats (at least twice), I decided this was not working at all. At this point in time, there were too many hands in the pie...somebody had to go. So the man who is actually initiating this building and who built our barn is going to complete the framing. He's the one we wanted to do it in the first place. Enough said about that.

So yesterday was supposed to be cold with temps only in the 40's and lows last night in the 20's. Of course, it didn't happened as forecasted. It reached in the low 60's yesterday. But since I thought it was going to be cold, I made all the guys a batch of Taco Soup and cornbread. They were so cute sitting there at the picnic table eating their lunch and I wanted so much to take their picture but thought it would be too rude so just took a picture of the lunch. It was so cute, one of the kids told me that was the best soup he'd had in his life....does he not have a mama to cook for him? I'll include the recipe for this soup. It came from a church cookbook where my niece attends church. Naturally, it's packed away so I'll just wing it for you. You can add however much you want according to how many you're feeding.

Taco Soup
hamburger meat, browned

one pkg Taco mix

one pkg dry Ranch dressing mix

can of diced tomatoes, Mexican style

can of diced tomatoes, plain

one can black beans, do not drain

one can pinto beans, do not drain

one pkg frozen corn, or one can yellow corn, undrained

Top with shredded cheese and serve with tortilla chips or cornbread.
Yesterday, knowing that it was supposed to get pretty cold, I pulled out the blankets for the horses. Here again, I couldn't find Bridgets but did find one to kinda fit (she's on the right). It was a little big. She didn't care..she looked so cute anyway. But the real kicker was Jess (on the left). This is the ranch horse that hasn't known a stall much less a blanket. She came off a ranch out of Kansas and when I first got her in the wintertime, she looked like a wooly mammoth...ugly...but in our Texas winter, she doesn't put on near the heavy coat. I thought it was going to be rodeo time yesterday when I pulled out the blanket. I practiced with her some in the daylight before I left it on her at night. She did awesome!! She loves it! I'm having a blast with her. I can't wait for warmer weather and the time to go ride. But this morning before sunrise, they were still donning their blankets.

Well, I'm expecting another couple loads of dirt here and a call back from the electrician to come do his part. The plumbers did their rough out yesterday. The exterminator is due Monday, then the rebar goes down with plans to pour concrete next Friday.

Happy Trails...

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  1. Hey Berte - that's a wonderful recipe. We have it around here, too! Your horses are so pretty I know you're enjoying them. We hope to get a couple on our farm when we're out there all the time.

    Dealing with contractors is the pits sometimes. I work for a construction company and our subs have us pulling our hair out in fistfuls sometimes! The house is coming along - can't wait to see what you've got planned for it!

    Have a good weekend!


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