Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Chicken House

The chicken house is finished and here ready for my little biddies! It is awesome and Gary, in Taylor, did an fantastic job. It is better than expected. Now I've been scurrying around today to get it all ready for the arctic blast that's supposed to hit in the next day or two. Nothing compared to what you folks up north are experiencing but plenty cold for this Texan. I see pictures on your blogs of your chickens in the snow and I can't even imagine having to deal with temperatures that low. A strong northwest wind is blowing across this river bottom today making it feel even colder than it is.

Here's the back side of the chicken house. The four nest boxes are accessible from the outside. There are vented windows on each side and then on the front and back.

You can see the chicken walk-thru door on the side towards the front.

Here's the inside...

Even the front door has a little dutch door that opens on the top. I just love this house! And I love my chickens! And I love this life! I am so blessed!!!

Happy Trails...


  1. I LOVE your chicken coop. What a great design!!!!

  2. That is a beautiful house! Your chickens are very lucky. Someday I hope to have one like that, but am happy with my little one right now.

  3. Christy, if I had come across a chicken house like yours, it would have been my first choice and I would have snatched it up! But, as you can tell, I have no carpentry skills at all and could not find one. Oh how I love your chicken house!


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