Friday, January 23, 2009


In the still of the dark, the new morning on this flat quiet farmland is interrupted with a continuous line of headlights making it's way towards RiverBend Farm with still sleepy-eyed workers waiting for the activity of pouring concrete. They sit in a line of trucks, waiting for their turn to dump their load for at least nine others to spread and even out. Once they start, it is all business and they act quickly all working in a synchronized action.

Got that picture? Now, picture this...
Here I am with three big dogs, including my neighbor's in the mix, attempting to get them all tied out to their appropriate spot, getting completely tangled in leashes and cables with Jasper flipping upside down every chance he gets and grabbing the leashes in his mouth going the complete opposite direction I'm trying to take. I was one tangled up mess and I'll bet all those guys got their laugh for the day! I'm sure that woke them up!

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  1. Yea for the concrete! you have a floor now! I work for a friend who does commercial concrete construction. We are doing extensions of major roads here for the City. It's all very interesting. I know what you mean about all the trucks lined up waiting! Now your dogs can run around on the floor and not tear the plastic up!


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