Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crop Dusting Time

I only wished my boys could be out there with us today to watch this crop duster hover over the tops of the cotton. He was only inches away. At one time, he buzzed right by the fence line on his first sweep. This guy apparently does a lot of dusting for several of the farmers out there because we see him flying over different crops all up and down the highway. It was awesome to watch. This plane is actually very small. In one picture you can barely see the pilot. Besides my camera not taking rapid pictures, I'm certainly not the best photographer either. But it was fun watching this guy zoom in so close and then immediately climb back up high. What a daredevil!

It is so hot and dry out at the farm. Peggy and Patty are doing well. They are so much fun to watch with all their playful tumbles and sneaking up on each other. I'm so glad we got two of them.

Jasper is still around. He is at my feet constantly but I've come to enjoy his company. I don't worry so much about snakes with him at my side. It's kinda sad though...Buddy and I watched him today and he will sit and watch every truck that comes down the road in front of the's like he's waiting for his owner to come back for him. I keep checking the lost ads and nothing is posted nor have we seen any flyers out for a lost dog. So, in the meantime, Jasper has taken up residency at RiverBend Farm. That's okay..God sent him our direction for a reason. Who knows, someday his owner might show up at our doorstep and not know anything about Jesus and we can sit and have a long visit over a glass of sweet tea.

For some reason, I felt compelled to take this picture of the cornfield across the road from our place. We've got corn in front of us, cotton behind us and watermelons down the road. Oh, and they were out pickin' them today. The watermelons looked pretty'll be interesting to see how they taste with so little rain lately.
Well, it's been a great day and look forward to more days out at the farm. Each day it gets harder and harder to come back to the house in town.
Til later,

Happy Trails....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Velveeta Boxes

Have you ever given any thoughts about Velveeta boxes? You know, that little cardboard box under the Velveeta lid...I hadn't. Whenever I would open or finish with a package of cheese, I would think to myself "that's a pretty cool box" and then in the trash it would go. A co-worker that I can call a dear friend told me recently about how her family laughs at her for saving all the Velveeta boxes. Wow! I've caught myself saving these things! I have just about packed up everything in our house. My junk drawer in the kitchen is even packed. Well, I have started a new one and it's totally organized with Velveeta boxes. Instead of running my hand through everything in the drawer, it is neatly put in it's own Velveeta box. I've been thinking about all the wonderful ways one can utilize these handy little boxes. After letting this preoccupy my mind with all the different ways, I got to thinking that if I were a host on a home shopping show, I could probably sell these boxes! Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Okay, I'm really not nuts...or I don't think so...yet. But I do let my mind wander to get away from the daily hum-drum stress. So, if you haven't caught on to Velveeta boxes, try it. It sure beats buying all those little plastic partitions at the store and then ending up with a cabinet full of those. The beauty of a Velveeta box is that it goes right in the trash when you're finished with it.
Thanks Robin!

Happy Trails....

Monday, June 9, 2008

What A Zoo

This weekend the project that took priority was enclosing the back of the catch pen with mesh hog panel so we can contain the dogs out there. One of the lovely joys of living out in the country is that every Tom, Dick and Harry will dump their beloved Jake or Sam or Muffie on the side of the road after they've tired of them. Hence, "Jasper" arrived at our place. He is nothing but a huge lovable puppy. Did I say puppy? Yes, and all the antics that come with him. We worked so hard out there in the heat getting the pen ready and brought our dogs out there. "Jasper" was at our feet wherever we went, right in the big middle of everything.

He's the golden retriever plopped down in the pool. Isn't Gretchen cute in there? Okay, so we get the fence finished and walk away to see if ours are going to find a way out. Who digs a hole but Jasper! And then follows Gunner and Gretchen. We gave up and let them out. Harley stayed right with us but Howard, the Basset Hound, wants to wander. That's how he came into our family. We found him in the middle of traffic in Magnolia. The slug doesn't much like it out there. So to conclude this story, we loaded up our babies (and that's a comedy in itself- I have to use a ramp to get the 65lb slug in my truck) to come home and Jasper was running behind us down the road. We have checked with neighbors up and down the road but no one claims him. It'll be interesting to see if he's out there when we get back.

We were hoping to stay out at the RV but still need to get some kinks worked out. Some electrical issues with the outlets and need a cap for our Stop & Go Potty. Always something. So now our goal is next weekend to stay out there.

No showings this weekend on the house. Pretty disappointing but I'm not going to get down about it. I know that God will take care of it.

Happy Trails...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Meet Peggy and Patty

It's been a long time coming but I finally have my kitties, thanks to Lynsey at Yonder Way Farm. I always said once I get our barn, I'm going to get some kitties. Peggy and Patty have survived their first two nights out at the farm. The first night they stayed in their crate outside the barn under the lean-to. Last night I let them out loose in the barn. This evening when I drove up, two little heads poked out from under the barn wall and then suddenly disappeared. Then they were back...and then gone again. After filling their bellies, it was fun to sit and watch them play.

How did I arrive at their names? My sisters will remember this one.. when I was a little girl living in Houston, we had neighbors around the end of the block named Peggy and Patty Wingate. If you're out there after all these years and reading this, no offense. Well, being the middle child, my two older sisters naturally took up with Peggy and Patty... and I always got left out of their foursome. One day they all decided that I could be in there "club" but had to be initiated first. Remember those little turtles about the size of a 50cent piece that a lot of kids had as pets? To be initiated in their "club", I had to drink turtle water. Yep, that's the nasty water that filthy little thing was living in. And yes, I do remember drinking it and no, I was never allowed in their club. Duh! So now I have my own Peggy and Patty that are delighted to have me as their own club president!

Isn't this attractive? This is our newly rented Stop & Go Potty. I had to add this picture. A lot of you have been asking about setting up the RV and "facilities". So this little gem got delivered today and is a temporary septic system. We actually use the bathroom and all the conveniences in the RV but it goes in this and then gets emptied out once a week. So.... we're in business!

It's Official! We put the house in town on the market this morning. Tomorrow they can start showing it so keep us in your prayers that this goes smoothly. I do not like this part of moving. I have never liked selling a house or buying a house. I have completely turned this over to God to take care of. I have prayed and prayed about this and this is the direction in which I've been led so now I sit and wait..and continue praying.
I have to add that I have the best husband in the world. I've been putting out a lot of requests to him lately to "please do this" and "please do that". He's been awfully cooperative and supportive of me and all my little quirks. And I love the way he loves my critters! I love that he enjoys them as much as I do. We have so much fun together! I am truly blessed and my cup continues to run over.
There's a lot happening now so I'm sure I'll be returning soon..
Happy Trails....