Monday, July 30, 2012

Update on Horse Question

I've got an answer (from a vet) on my horse question posted here. It's an allergice reaction to flies and gnats and she's itching (which I already knew) and scratching herself raw.  So, she got Dexomethasone, a corticosteriod hormone, to relieve her itching.  I'll continue with the soothing shampoos and fly spray.  I just hate putting so much fly spray on her in this heat.  It's like it's cooking on their skin.  Even though I sprayed more on her tonight, the flies were all over her legs.  It's awful.
We never really had a winter here so the bugs are in full force.  Flies, crickets, gnats... I wish I could swish my pony tail like my horse does!
Thanks for the help and the comments.
Happy Trails...


  1. no winter for sure...the flies and skeeters are bad...

  2. My lab gets an eye infection every year b/c of the gnats & they have messed his eyes up so bad. The antibiotic ointment is $23. That's affordable but he keeps gettin infections b/c I can't keep the gnats out of his eyes!! I feel your pain!! The steroids will get your horse better but it will keep getting infected because of these darn heat loving, torture causing bugs!!!!! It seems like some smart chemist would come up with something to kill em or at least keep them away from you. You know?!?!

  3. I'm glad you were able to get an answer to what was going on. Now if only we could get rid of all those nasty biting insects! Grrr...

  4. Oops, disregard my comment on your last post. I see you got your answer. :D I hope the medicine makes her feel better quickly.

  5. I got an idea but you will have to ask your vet-have you ever tried skin so soft from avon,mix half and half with water and spray on him/her?

  6. I've been doing some research on sweet itch because it turns out my horse has it too (thought it was rain rot at first lol). Do some research on Neem oil. I'm thinking about trying it. :)


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