Sunday, July 8, 2012

Road Trip

Early Friday morning road trip on the backroads of Texas from Caldwell, through Rosebud, Moody, Crawford, Meridian, Glen Rose and ending with a purposeful destination in Lipan, TX.

I love taking pictures of water towers and old court houses.  Okay, a picture of some huge river rocks got thrown in there...
I had to throw this one in.  We were cracking up laughing...this guy was trying to pull off (or tow) a Dodge truck with a lawn tractor!  It took the muscle of a couple folks to push. 
This road trip was dual purpose.  We went to Lipan, TX, to pick up something I want to include in my GiveAway.  This store is also Home of the World's Largest Cedar Rocker standing at almost 26 ft.

The other reason we were on the road was to watch our daughter and granddaughters run barrels Friday night in Cleburne.
Here's Theresa and the youngest one warming up before the start. That's them on the big grey and the little pony.  Get this!  The Future Champions (for the younger ones) started at 8pm and Theresa drew #120 out of 195!  We crawled in bed at 3am!  Ugh!!  Saturday morning we loaded up again, took another road trip ending up back in Cleburne for the second night.  Even though she drew #69, it was delayed a couple hours due to rain.  She ran at 11pm.  But all was good and everyone had a great time.
I wish I could have captured a better shot of the courthouse in Hillsboro because it was beautiful.  The last of the long road trip.
Well, I can't wait to show you what I found at an antique store AND post my GiveAway. 
Happy Trails...


  1. you were closer to DFW now - recognize glen rose and cleburne! i hope you get some rest! that would make me very weary!

  2. Oh my, names of a few towns I know and I'm from Oregon!! I come to TX every year and stay with my friend in Granbury. We always try to take in a junk sale or two which takes us on back road. It is always so fun to explore.

  3. Hey Berte - I know where you were, too! I have pictures of the kids in front of that rocker. It IS huge! I love going in those shops there and looking around... My daughter lives in Stephenville, so we go through that way from time to time. Love Granbury, too!

    Cute pics of your grands riding. Wow, 3 am. There's alot of kids doing horses!

  4. I love rocks so it's okay that you sneaked those in there.

    When I traveled I documented the same way...water towers and courthouses.

    I love horses. It is wonderful that your entire family is working with them. Horses have much to teach us all.

  5. Always up for a Texas roadtrip!Love the sites here too.Texas has so many different areas to explore. Abilene here!

  6. The rocker is very cool. When we lived in Texas we made quite a few trips to Glen Rose to visit the Creation Evidences Museum and honeymooned in Granbury! That whole area in Texas is wonderful.

  7. We were going to move back home but can't find anything. I was hoping to find something around here but no luck.Still looking,have made Abilene home for 5 years.I would like to stay in Texas prefer west Texas.Hear of something hollar at me :)

  8. Great pictures and that is one BIG Texas-sized rocking chair! :)
    You would think they would start the younger riders sooner than 8pm! Jeez!

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  10. Candy, the exhibition started at 3pm which gives each rider 30 sec to run through the money. Then the future riders run at 8pm...that's just the little kids. Then the "open" run at after that and it's for the money. With 195 riders, it takes hours! Then after that, the youth run. It's truly a two day event because it goes all night.

  11. 1st of all, I have to say congratulations on the rain, esp in Texas!
    2nd, wouldn't that be a cool rocker to rock the grandchildren to sleep! LoL!

    Great times & great drives, love the horses =)

  12. Fantastic pics!!!! So much fun to watch barrels!!

  13. These pictures are great, Berte~ I especially loved the one of the great big rocking chair! :)
    And the poor guy on the lawnmower looks like he's bit off more than he can chew! *haha*

  14. Wow! Looks like my kind of road trip!! Pretty cool looking places. I love small unique towns. Thanks for stopping by & checking on me. Are yall getting any rain? How is your pecan crop?

  15. I lived for many years in East Texas and still have family there. I sure love seeing your photos!


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