Monday, July 2, 2012

Hmm..My Thoughts are Whirling

As I sit here reflecting on my blog, I notice that my following is almost to 100.  I would think that calls for a giveway!  Since I do not advertise my blog, it has taken a long time to get to 97 so I feel extremely blessed to have this many folks interested in what ramblings I have to say.  Not sure how much longer it will take to reach the 100 mark but it gives me time to think of something to give away.  I'm rearranging my sewing table once again back to my bedroom in hopes that the construction man will call me back soon to finish out our back room where we enclosed the back porch.  In the meantime, I've commited to Mandi over at Herban Homestead to make some softies for little ones so I need to get busy on those.  But I can also work on something for a giveaway. 
hhmmm.....what will it be and when will it be......
Happy Trails...


  1. Berte! Thanks so much for making some softies! And for linking to it here! I'll send you the address whenever you're ready, just drop me an email:


    Take care!

  2. Sounds like fun, I cant wait until I get enough followers to start doing give away's congrats! :)

  3. Well, when you get to 100 (and it'll be no-time!) put my name in your pot for your give-away! Glad you're back to bloggin, Berte!

    HOpe things are going your way on Riverbend Farm!

  4. thanks for stopping by, enjoy your trip to walmart to find red/white and blue. it is there in abundance

  5. I just had the chance to browse a bit on your blog this morning, and I'd be glad to help you get closer to 100 followers! :)

  6. I just found u by way of my blogger friend in south Georgia [my roots are in Georgia] I love your banner..Blog names draw me in...and where the blogger is from, we just relocated to S. Al. 6yrs ago after 21 years in SOUTHEAST TEXAS..roots all over huh? your blog at firs glance really appeals to me AM FOLLOWING anticipating time to linger "awhile" and cover more of your posts and pics..


  7. Whoot!! You made it to 100!
    Happy Fourth!!

  8. Hey, congrats on hitting the big 100!! :)


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