Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It Happened!!

100 Followers!  So it's official.  I will be posting a GiveAway very soon!  I've got to come up with something...

Last Saturday we had our second playday in a series of four out at church.  Somehow I didnt' get any pictures of Jacob.  He did so much better than the week before...he just needs more time in the saddle.
My daughter, Theresa, and her three girls were there.  Here she is with the two older ones.
All these kids are trying for buckles.
It's funny. I was out taking pictures of a bunch of kids for our church website.  Just about every horse was falling asleep!!  I don't know who this kid is but she is adorable!
This morning we took Buddy's horse, Cinch, in to the vet to get shots and get his back checked.  Thought it was out of whack but I guess Cinch just had a case of the BRAT syndrome because he checked out okay.  He must have had a bad day....yeah, right...
Here he is in La-La Land at the vet holding up this pipe rack-

He still had a little of that BRAT syndrome left over this morning because every time the vet tried lifting his back legs, Cinch would kick at him...so Mr Cinch got sedated.  He has got all his weight leaned up against that rack.  So he got his shots and back home we came.

Well, stay tuned for the GiveAway...I'm thinking...
Happy Trails...


  1. Aw, those are some cute kiddos - they always look so small on a full-size horse. My two youngest took riding lessons (western pleasure) for a while. They loved it. My daughter was a complete natural on a horse - they moved as one. I hope my back doesn't give out on me before I can get a couple.

    Congratulations on 100!

  2. congrats, berte! and good luck with that bratty horse!

  3. How much fun playdays are. Have a fun 4th!

  4. Oh would have loved to see some pics of Jacob!

  5. Giveaways are fun, and how fun that you reached 100 friends?? Adorable pictures too!

  6. congrats on the 100 followers....I've been a not so good blog pal lately...I'm behind in visiting...Happy 4th of July

  7. Nice pictures! Congratulations on 100!

  8. Love the pink bow on the gray horse!! Hope the bratty horse is behaving better and your daughter and granddaughters are beautiful!!

  9. Hi!
    Make that 101 followers :)
    I'm now following you too!

    Love the pictures!
    I'm looking forward to getting to know you and reading your posts.

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone on your blog!!

    Smiles :)

  10. Looks like fun! The horsey stuff that is. Ah and gotta love a bratty horse. Mine get that was sometimes too./


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