Friday, July 27, 2012

Spring Fever in Summer?

It is disgustingly hot here but not near as bad as last summer so I shouldn't complain.  It's only been in the upper 90's this week and not 110.  But after sitting out at my friend's house yesterday and taking in all her beautiful surroundings, I'm encouraged to come home and work on my porch garden and build some flower beds.  If ya'll saw the pictures from yesterday, go view my post here .  Now, keep in mind she has a full time yard man and also someone that cleans her house....oh, yeah, dream on....
Anyway, at one time my porch garden was looking pretty good but after the drought and antique picket fence being blown away by a storm, I was disheartened and didn't want to bother.  Now I'm it's probably gonna be a trip to the nursery to get some plants.  Hopefully, they will survive this heat and dogs digging to China. 
We're also constantly dealing with fallen tree limbs...
Either the tree limbs are falling because they are brittle and too dry or, as this year, they are brittle and so full of pecans.  Ever hear the term "hold your horses"?  Well, around here, we use it often because if we're out riding or just messin' with the horses and you hear a "snap, crackle, pop", it's not a bowl of Rice's a tree limb gonna fall in a milisecond and you don't have a clue where! 
Happy Trails...


  1. we've lost a lot of branches off trees here, too. must be the result of last year's stress.

  2. We've had our weather very hot and dry here this year. We finally got a small amount of rain yesterday.


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