Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Saturday at Home

Buddy's off at a Pastor Retreat so me and Jacob are just hanging out here today.  A quick trip to town to look for a birthday present...okay, no luck in this small town..gotta order online.  The sheetrock men couldn't work in the back room because of light fixtures and ceiling fans so I guess that'll be on the to-do list before Monday.

Our back pasture is so dry and no grass so I'll be nice and let the horses in the yard ....and Button, the longhorn.  I usually don't let her in because she destroys everything around the house.  If you don't know, we made the mistake of raising her with the dogs so she thinks she has every right to anything and everything connected or close to the house.  I swear she would come in if we let her and those horns fit thru the door!

Aha... she's already at it...and even left me a prize... can ya see it in the foreground?..lovely..
Come out, come out, wherever you are...
If you think for one minute, I don't see're sadly mistaken...

Goofy cow...we don't get along when she's in the yard..otherwise, I can usually tolerate her... an itch...this tree feels good...
   Aaaahhhh, now I'll try this side and this branch is sure gettin' that spot on my back...

Oh.. this is my Saturday.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Happy Trails...


  1. how cute! love your big-horned dog. :)

  2. What great pictures!! I wouldn't mind enjoying the shade of your yard either, except I wouldn't leave a 'present' behind! :-) I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend!!

  3. Button has really grown - wow - look at her horns! It's nice to just have a day at home isn't it? I love when I can stay home and do what I wanna do...

    How do the horses fare when it's so hot? Guess they don't have much choice - but I guess they are used to it. WHat about your chickens, Berte? WHat are they doing to stay cool?

  4. It's always funny watching horses scratch an itch on a tree, or fence post! I miss having horses...sigh.

  5. There are a few places around here that have Longhorns out in the pastures. I've been told they are very nice pasture pets.

  6. I love animal antics. Looks like you have quite a variety of them around your place. That's a beautiful horse, by the way. Thanks for checking out my blog. I do love following TexWisGirl.


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