Thursday, July 19, 2012

Horse and Chicken Update

Bye-bye, Daisy.  Theresa ended up selling her sweet little mare to a family south of Houston for their twin boys who are disabled.  She's the perfect fit for them.
In the meatime, we ended up buying this sweet boy...
He's an Appaloosa that comes compact.  He's a playday horse that will be great for beginner kids at church to ride....not to say that they've won but to say "I did it!"  Our last playday got rained out and rescheduled for the end of August so I'm very anxious to get him out there.  As a matter of fact, we've got a work day at church tomorrow to get the arena up.  We've been using the arena at the county fairgrounds.

Red is coming along well.  He's putting on some weight and looking a lot better. I have to admit, he is the sweetest horse I've ever owned.
I think we can definitely confirm that Lincoln is a tom...
and Lucille a hen...
my little Salmon Faverolle rooster is growing...can you see all those toes and feathered legs?
This is one of my black sex links...isn't she pretty with those gold feathers?
An Ameracauna hen....check out those precious feathery cheeks!  She's one of my favorites.
Every time I order Ameracaunas from Ideal, I always get a white one.  This one is ALL white.  The others have had some brown in the feathering and my granddaughters always name them Snow White. I was asked by them again if I'm going to name her Snow White.  And...oddly enough, she doesn't have the typical feathered cheeks but I know she's an Ameracauna because her legs are dark green.  I heard the eggs they lay will be close in color to their legs.  I can't wait to see hers!!

By the way, I appreciate all the names suggested for The Bathroom Lady.  I think Prairie Barbie fits her.  A big thanks to TexWisGirl that always gives us some great pictures from The Run Around Ranch Report. I even had one of my friends suggest Stepford Barbie!  Yes, she is donning her white gloves.  The truth be known, those gloves are holding her fingers on!!  If ya'll only saw this girl naked you'd be coming up with a whole new set of names!  I wish I could have caught a picture of Lucille, the turkey, sitting on her shoulder earlier this evening..She had pulled off her hair and her hat... poor Prairie Barbie...I won't even go there...well, okay, she has a sizeable hole in the back of her head.  Duh...who would have thought Barbie had a hole in her head?!?!?

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Happy Trails...


  1. i'm laughing! poor prairie barbie! i'm happy you chose my name, though! :)

    your chickens are cute, and congrats on the new horse! hope he does well for the kids!

  2. I love seeing your animals! We had chickens growing up and I used to dress them in my Barbie's ballgown. What can I say...I was a weird kid. :)

  3. Cute chickens. Our egg bound hen is doing fine now, and laying eggs again.

  4. Ha!! Now I know all I need to about poor Prairie Barbie. That's hilarious!

    Yup, I'd say you're safe calling your turkeys' sexes. I can't wait until I'm positive on mine.

    As to the chickens, it's not the color of their legs that determine the egg color, it's the color of their earlobes. Yeah, I know, weird. But if you look really carefully (because an Ameraucana's earlobes are really small), you'll be able to see. The only time this is not true is with brown egg layers. Their earlobes are red, not brown. Or Silkies, who have turquoise earlobes. (which is cool)

    Just some fun trivia!!

  5. The new Appy looks very nice!
    I sooo wish you had caught Lucille in the act, how hilarious! :)

  6. Did you raise those chickens from babies.if so I bet they are spoiled lol


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