Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Bathroom Lady

Remember when we took our road trip last week and I told you we stopped at some antique stores along the way?  Well, there are always little goodies that I'm looking for when we stop in those places but this particular store in Meridian was the only one along the way that had tons of junk outside.  Buddy loves more old junk.. you can really find some treasures in there that people disregard.  Anyway, my immediate first stop at this store was the bathroom.  Of course, the owner said it was out of order but she keeps the sign up so no one will go in there.  Why do they always do that?  I thought stores had to have a bathroom for customers.  Needless to say, I was just thankful she gave me the "okay" to use her facilities.  I immediately found the light switch, yanked down my pants and, fortunately found the toilet just in time because, when I looked up, standing just behind the door was "The Bathroom Lady"....
Yes, I would stay that she scared the pee out of me but I was already well taking care of that!  I was just not prepared for someone standing there as I shut the door.  But after having a few minutes to give her a quick glance, I was thinking that she would make a dandy "scarecrow" for my chickens.  Years ago I had Eve...
She served her purpose keeping birds out of my garden.  It was really pretty funny because we would watch people as they drove by on the road running in front of our house and they would be waving at her, thinking she was real.  But time and the horses quickly took care of Eve.  She was stuffed with hay and the horses found her to be quite tasty.

So back to the antique store and The Bathroom Lady, I quickly called Buddy back to the bathroom to show her to him.  He agreed.  She's pretty cool. I asked the owner if she was for sale and after making a quick phone call, her price was named, we made a deal and we loaded The Bathroom Lady in the back seat of my truck with Jacob.  Our next stop was to eat lunch and we thought for sure someone was going to report us to the cops for leaving "this person" out in the truck in the heat!
The Bathroom Lady is now standing proudly out with the chickens in hopes that she will help keep the hawks from zooming in on the chickens.
I've had to wait for the rain to stop with the torrential downpours before I was ready to put her out.  I'm really glad to get her out of my house because she was sitting in a chair next to Buddy's recliner eyeballing him....gotta watch the Bathroom Lady.
The turkeys haven't quite figured her out....what?  No red toenail polish to peck at?  Hmmmm, I might have to give her some painted toenails...
What I do need to give her is a name.  I can't keep calling her The Bathroom Lady!  I thought of Corinda but it just hasn't clicked yet.  If any of you precious bloggers out there come up with a name, please share.  Surely there's got to be something better than The Bathroom Lady..
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  1. too funny! i'd have to call her Prairie Barbie!

  2. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious! She does look like Prairie Barbie with her tiny little waist and Barbie feet! Oh, but if you knew what was under her wig...girlfriend!!....Bald Barbie

  3. Barbie's very cute - I was going to say "Hillary" - let the crows pick at her! Of course, Hillary C. doesn't have a 19' waist...

  4. That would've made me jump a mile! Your turkey is checking her out too. Seems they're not sure about her, either.

    I like her. She's interesting. Prairie Barbie seems to fit!

  5. Penelope is a good name.Slickchick is another.HennyPenny
    ok thats all i got lol

  6. How about "Loo". Sorry that just popped out. You guys are a traveling circus. I love the way you write. I hope she does her job. Jobs are hard to find nowadays. Stay cool!

  7. Oh my goodness...that is just too funny! LOL! She would have scared the pee out of me too! I agree w/ Debbie and think Loo is a great name. :)

  8. That is a great idea,I love her! How about Laura Ingalls!

  9. What a weird surprise! Maybe Clara or Clair? Aunt Bee?

    I'm sure you'll find the perfect name for her!

  10. A great story! It Brightened my day - making me laugh first thing at work this morning. A great idea for a "scarecrow" though!

    Dan from Melbourne.

  11. Yes, Ms. Loo is a great name.....Ms. P. U. Loo! from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  12. Cute! Love her dress and apron too.

  13. OMG, that is too funny and sure would have scared me too! :)
    Prairie Barbie and Ms. Loo are both cute names!

  14. How about "Big Chick?" She's the "big" chick in the yard!

    A great story and very unique!


  15. Well I hope your Bathroom Lady keeps the hawks away. I'll tell my sister about that, she was telling me that a hawk keeps taking some of her chickens, and baby turkeys.

  16. I think you should call her "Gussie".


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