Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Whole Lot of Preachin' Going On

I have to share with everyone pictures of this great little church we've been trying to attend on the first Sunday of every month. It's way off the beaten path to say the least. The building itself is not quite finished..the steeple needs to be finished and there's plans for an arena where kids can come hear the Word and then learn to rope and ride after Sunday dinner.

And this man can preach the Word! What a great way to start your Sunday and then meet afterwards for some good eating and visiting.

Then it was back home for a quick nap and then to work in the garden. We've been blessed with some great rain here lately. Way back I posted about the fact that we had so much rain, it was like a lake out in the orchard. Well, last Sunday it looked like that again and the winds were blowing a current out on the water. I woke up and looked out and saw that a pair of wild ducks had flown in and were swimming out there! That's a lot of rain water!
And the rains bring lots of weeds in the garden so off to work we go... here's a few shots of the back garden.

Already a bell pepper..this is encouraging.

Buddy's watermelons..

corn and beans...

Buddy and I have decided that after doing all the weeding, that we have a new appreciation for homegrown foods. We both worked gardens as kids but decided it's different when you're older and you start it and work it together. I will admit, I do have some very fond memories of running barefoot through the garden when I was a kid...oh, those were the days...

Happy Trails...


  1. Hi Berte - Thanks for coming by for a visit...

    Cute little church - we have one around called "Cowboy Church" that sounds similar, and another one that I don't know the name of but it's all motorcycle people. I guess you go where you feel welcome and have some things in common. Does yours just meet once a month?

    My weeds in my garden look like yours. I keep trying to keep em out, but it keeps raining. I'm not complaining at all cuz I haven't had to water much. Everything is growing well here so far! I'm looking forward to some good produce pretty soon!

  2. I just love little churches! Your garden is looking good! blessings,Kathleen

  3. What a cute little church! I love the inside of it.
    Your garden looks wonderful, Berte!


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