Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Incredible Egg

Twenty weeks ago yesterday, I brought home 24 day old hatchlings and placed those little puff balls in a brooder box in our RV with Buddy and me. Yes, we lived with those in the house and talked to them like little babies (which they were), coddled them until it was time to move to the barn and then the big move to the outside world and the day finally arrived when I found the long awaited prize of a little brown egg. Unless you have chickens that you've raised from hatchlings, you can't begin to understand the joy it brings to find your first egg. It's like a precious ball of gold.

Happy Trails...


  1. What CUTE CUTE kids! I'm jealous - I don't have any grands yet! And that's a great picture of them. Four little tow-heads! You should have that one enlarged - they're all smiling just right. Are they all in one family?

    Congratulations on your first egg!
    Was it big or little? I guess that makes you a grand-hen!

  2. The two boys belong to my oldest son who lives near San Antonio. Their school was closed for two weeks due to swine flu precautions so they went to visit their aunt in Dallas. The two girls belong to my daughter. These are only four of six. I still have another grandson and granddaughter.

    My pullet egg was surprisingly big for a pullet egg.

  3. Your grands are beautiful! I remember getting the 1st egg too! It is a neat thing!

  4. Oh the pic of the kids is sooo cute. They've grown so much. Hope to see them this summer.
    love you, sista

  5. I remember how proud I was of the first egg my chickens laid, didn't last long..neighborhood dogs began getting to them..and I had to give it up in NJ. Here in NC I live suburban.ugh! I miss not being able to have them..when I think of seeing snakes..I become content :o)


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