Friday, May 22, 2009

A Quiet Morning

Yesterday morning Harley and I were out taking one of our many walks around the place, enjoying the cool crisp start to the day. Of course, she had to stop along the way and chew on a pecan wood stick while I snapped a few pictures.

The dill in the garden is blooming and smells wonderful..

The quiet was interrupted by the cropduster spraying the cotton field out front.

Such is my morning...

Happy Trails..


  1. Harley looks content.
    You sound content.
    What more could you ask for?

    Happy Trails to you...

  2. Beuatiful pictures, Berte...
    I would imagine the crop dusters are pretty loud when they fly low like that, aren't they?

  3. Hi there! Just found your blog! I'm in San Antonio/Pipe Creek! Haven't had time to check out your posts yet, but I wanted to say, "hello"!

  4. Good morning Berte! It IS nice to get out early and enjoy the cool breezes. Looks like you have a devoted companion to tag along. I have some dill not quite blooming yet. I always plant some to have when I do pickles. I hope to have enough cucumbers to make some this summer. They were kind of scant last year. I wonder what kind of eggs those were?

    Hey I looked up that molechaser on the internet and found a place to get them. Is it working for you? I'm thinking of ordering one or two for my garden.

    I'm noticing some little teeth marks on some of my squash. I think we have a little rabbit problem! I guess it's always somethin'... Have a wonderful memorial weekend!!!

  5. Thanks for the reply. No not a SA girl, I'm a transplant. I also have my BSN; from U of Pennsylvania. Where are u located exactly? Near SA? I saw u mentioned 1604 in a reply, thus my curiosity made me want to say hi! :)

  6. Not a thing in the world wrong with your mornings there...sounds much like mine! We are blessed arent we!!

  7. What a wonderful way of life..don't you think? We have crop dusters also, but I still like to watch them. My husband's grandmother used to have dill in her garden. There is just something so wonderful about the smell of fresh herbs when you walk along. Enjoyed stopping by! blessings,Kathleen

  8. Wow! They fly so low. Are your horses used to them by now?

    That's a cool photo. I also like the eggs in the nest. Who laid them?



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