Monday, May 25, 2009

Guess the Eggs Contest

Everyday I walk out to gather eggs, it's always interesting trying to guess how many I'm going to have waiting for me. So I thought what fun it would be to have a contest.
Let me start at the beginning...
Dec 17 I started with 24 pullet (a young female chicken) hatchlings; 6 Ameracaunas, 6 black sex links, 6 red sex links and 6 gold sex links. If you look back at one of my posts, it was confirmed that Rooster Cogburn was a rooster which means I have 23 chickens that will lay eggs. Chickens will generally start laying eggs around 20-24 weeks and they will lay one egg a day. When they first start laying, they might skip a day or two before getting into a regular pattern of laying. On May 6, at 20 weeks old, I was presented with the first egg. For several days after that, I would get 1-3 eggs and then a couple days of nothing. On May 20th (22 weeks old) I got 9 eggs, then 11, then 13 and now for the past couple days, I've been getting anywhere from 9-13. The Ameracaunas lay the green eggs so the most I can get of those a day is 5.

Today I got 16 eggs!!! They have a chicken house with their nest boxes and are turned out in a huge pen during the day and put up at night.
This Wednesday, May 27, they will be 23 weeks old. So, I thought I'd have a contest on who could guess the first day I get 23 eggs. Your guess is as good as mine but I will send out a special gift to whoever can guess the day. I'll post at the end of the day how many eggs I've collected. First right guess get the prize.

Good Luck and

Happy Trails...


  1. I know absolutely nothing about chickens, so I'll toss in my guess - June 13 - an unlucky number. We'll see what happens!!!

    Hope ya'll had a good Memorial Day!
    Back to work tomorrow for me!

  2. Alan and I guess you'll never get 23 eggs in one day. We think there will always be a dud chicken, or your chickens won't lay every day. So our guess is never.

  3. My guess is also never...I had 9 hens for 2 years and never did I get 9 eggs in one day. Eight eggs nearly every day, but never 9!!!

  4. I don't care what the naysayers say, I think June 1st will be the day you get 23 eggs - it may very well be the only day you ever get 23 laid.

  5. I've had 17 chickens for over 2 years and have never had 17 eggs on one day. They don't ever seem to be in sinc with laying all on the same day...and then sometimes I've had a broody hen, too.

    But I'll think optimistically and guess you'll get 23 eggs on June 23.

    What the heck. Maybe your chickens will defy the odds and you really will have them all lay one egg on the same day...or maybe one chicken will do double duty and lay two on the same day.

    Good luck either way!


  6. It looks as though your hens have a wonderful set-up there. If the rooster doesn't bother them too much and keep them stressed they should really be happy hens. Happy hens lay eggs!!

    I have had MANY days that all my girls laid together back when they were younger. A lot depends on the breed too. A White Leghorn is a proven layer of an egg a day. My Araucanas are close to that but can't quite keep up with the little white ladies production.

    I am optimistic too. I will say June 10th, my birthday! Good luck! What are you going to do with all those eggs???? Make lots of pound cakes??


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