Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Solitude as the Sun Goes Down

A cool drink of water left over from the sprinkler...

Hope everyone had a very blessed weekend,
Happy Trails...


  1. found your blog from paint your photos! so pretty!

  2. Have you read "True Women" yet? It's about the area where you live.

  3. Berte I think we would feel at home at each other's home sites! lol

  4. Wonderful pictures, Berte! I especially love the litle doggie staring down the road and the chickens getting a drink. You have such a gorgeous place!

  5. Everything looks so serene, Berte!
    Your big garden looks great. Your corn is farther along than mine. I'll be it's quiet and peaceful out there. Love your place...

  6. That last photo makes me want to take a walk right out of that gate and explore. Your dogs and chickens have quite a wonderful life :)

    And look at that garden! Wow!



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