Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Day, Another Year

Yesterday, God allowed me to wake up to see this gorgeous sunrise and celebrate another year since my birth day. I will never understand why I've been chosen to be so blessed.

My cup truly runneth over...

Here's the overgrown garden out back. I've got to get out there and weed!

Check out this tiny little's about 3/4 inch long right now.
I've read in some of your blogs that you have trouble with moles. I wanted to share with you a picture of our mole chaser in the front garden. It's basically a windmill that has a little bead up in the crossbar pipe that, when turning, sends down a vibration through the pipe and chases away the moles. My neighbor just asked that we not send them her way because she has enough already.
Eve is out front watching over the front garden. It was so cute last evening..I looked out and Harley was lying at her feet. I tried to get a picture but when I walked out, she saw me and realized that was not me out there and came running.
I'm going to move Eve to the back garden out by the chickens. Maybe she can pull out some of those weeds while I'm in here on the computer...
Happy Trails...


  1. Nice looking garden... weeds and all. Eve is doing a great job!

    Enjoy your gift of a whole new year!

  2. Hi Berte - I almost gasped when I saw your sunrise photo. Breathtaking. God is the Master Artist, isn't he?

    Hey, I want one of those mole-chasers. Wonder where I can get one? Do I need more than one? I'll try anything at this point. I thought I'd make me a scarecrow, too.

    Your garden looks like mine. The weeds are getting ahead of me. My dad got one of those Mantis tillers that's real narrow and he goes up and down his rows lickety-split. He's got a big tiller, too, but this Mantis is just for weeding between the rows. I'd sure like one of those, too. He ordered it off of a TV commercial. Around $250 I think.

    I'm thinking that I'm going to confiscate some of our hay to put in the garden to help with weeds, too.

    Have a wonderful day, and thanks for sharing that photo. I think you should enlarge that one and hang it on the wall.

  3. I ordered the mole chaser online from Lehmans. I love that place! I think it was $20 and then you have to buy your 1/2 inch pipe. Not sure of the coverage area but it sure is fun to watch out there.

  4. Nice molechaser. So it really does work, eh? May have to get me one, too!

    Eve is such a hard-working farm-hand. She's sure easy to please and doesn't give anyone any sass. My kind of gal! lol :D

    I'll be waiting to see you post the proverbial crow sitting on Eve's shoulder's one day. I bet they think she's a kind friend. hehe!

    (ps Beautiful music over here, by the way.)

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  5. Beautiful pictures...I love the look of your farm! What a great idea for moles! I will have to pass that tip along to my sister, they get quite a few holes (mounds) in their yard at times! ;)

  6. Oh I would love to come sit on your porch with a cup of coffee & watch the sunrise in your Texas orchard!!! Yes we are sooooo blessed!!!

  7. Okay - per your post it sounds like it is your birthday..if I am correct - Happy Birthday! If not - Happy day anyway! Your garden is beautiful. I just bought a small tiller - how in the world I lived without one is beyond me!

  8. This was such a wonderful post, Berte! I loved all of your pictures... your garden looks wonderful!
    Don't work poor little Eve too hard... LOL

  9. G'Day there from Australia, I have been reading your blog for about an hour now, its fabulous, I love where you live, we are in the midst of a bad drought here at the moment too. I am inside today as it is over 110 in the shade outside grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I don't like the heat anymore, 50 years of heat is enough for me, give me the air con any day lol. I too share a birthday with you today, I am 50 today yay. Cheers Debra.


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