Saturday, May 2, 2009

Moving In..

We're in but we're not unpacked. I'm anxious to get y'all some pictures, but I'll bet y'all have all seen pictures of boxes. We got moved out of both storage units and got the furniture moved in and those boxes unpacked. Then Buddy and I ventured out to the storage container and brought up yet another truck load..I'm slowly but surely getting those things unpacked and put away and will soon take some pictures so you can see the house.

As I was walking out the door last Monday to the doctor, they were calling to reschedule due to the doctor being I rescheduled for yesterday...although I called the day before and cancelled it. Being the good nurse that I am (ha!), I decided to take off my cast and start some physical therapy. All is going well and I can see that it's going to take to pain to make some gains getting this hand to working again. In due time...

Here's Buddy working on my kitchen garden. I put herbs down at one end and then planted tomatoes, lettuce and carrots.

And then Harley got to it with her digging holes. All she got was the mint and I think even a little bit of it is trying to come back up.

Here's the back garden before everything was planted and we turned out the chickens. Let's see.. now there's watermelons, corn, purple hull peas, Kentucky Wonder beans, cucumber, okra, squash and potatoes.

Speaking of chickens, they are now 19 1/2 weeks old and have not yet started laying. The nest boxes are ready and I talked to them everyday telling them that they better start getting it on their minds. As a matter of fact, it's time for me to go put them up for the night.

Happy Trails...


  1. Moving in to a new place is so exciting! Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. thanks for coming over to my blog!

    your place is wonderful! that garden plot is HUGE! and i love the new house.

    how's the juicing going? here's my trick for easing into veggie juice. i start with carrot/apple juice- more apple than carrot. slowly i add less and less apples and all of the sudden i'm drinking it straight and loving it!

  3. Wow! Things have really progressed since my last visit here! How exciting. I'm very happy for you. And what impressive gardens you've got started, too. I hope your harvest is all you're hoping for and more!

    Here's to lots of eggs soon, too.


  4. Hi Berte! I figured ya'll were moving in and getting settled. The house looks great. Can't wait to see the inside!

    I'm working on my garden, too, but me and my husband are having to dig everything by hand. I WILL have a tiller next year. I'm not going to do this again!

    I'm jealous over your chickens - I'll have some one of these days!
    Good to see you back.

  5. Hi! First of all, so glad to see you blogging again! Hope your hand is doing better. Looks like everything is turning out well on your land. I had to laugh when you posted about Harley digging the mint. I had a border collie named Barney. I was planting onions. I heard a noise behind me and Barney was pulling up each onion as I planted it! lol. He thought this was the best game we ever played. Blessings,Kathleen


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