Thursday, May 28, 2009


I went out this evening to gather eggs..

Oops, excuse you, did someone have a little touch of gas?

Do you see it?

As my darling husband would say "That's about as big as a popcorn fart!"

Happy Trails...


  1. It sure is, Berte! Somebody wasn't concentrating very well, was she? Maybe daydreaming?

    I'd love to see your place, too. I love those groves of pecan trees. What a treat to walk under them in a breeze in the shade. It doesn't appear that there are any houses or farms right up close to you. How nice!

    Whatcha gonna have in your webstore? Pecans and pecan products?

    If you ever come up to East Texas, holler at me!!!

  2. That is hilarious! It is so round, too. Does that happen very often? What do you do w/an egg like it edible (silly question, I know! :)

  3. That is so funny! A very cute egg, I must say!

  4. lol! It's a fart egg. :DI wonder if it has a yolk. The ones we've found usually don't.

    It's so cute!


  5. That's so silly! I want chickens :)

  6. How very funny! It looks almost perfectly round! You don't have a strange different bird running around in there do you? blessings,Kathleen


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