Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Kitty!

Welcome? I don't think so! I'm sitting here at my computer and Dottie is in her usual spot on the window sill and she starts going nuts! I look out and this huge snake was slithering across my back doorway. I know it's just a chicken snake but I don't do snakes...especially at my back door!

Good Kitty! You're a keeper!


  1. Wow Berte ! Glad to see all the progress. We miss you, but I wouldn't want to come to town either with all that fun stuff to do out there.

  2. Good Kitty! Dottie is so cute! I love calicos. I wish I wasn't allergic. I love cats. Good thing you rescued her.

    We're moving my daughter home from College Station this weekend! I think I told you my husband and oldest son are Aggies. We love it down there in your neck of the woods and have spent many, many hours there.

    What did you do with the snake???

  3. What did I do with the snake? I killed him D-E-A-D, dead! I don't like snakes.

  4. How do we ever find each other???

    At the present time we have 4 grown up kitties and 5 kittens. Wish you lived closer...one of ours could have been yours!
    I would'a killed him dead myself. Or at least gotten one of the kids or farmboy to do it!

  5. OMG!!! That is the scariest looking snake I have ever seen! They say they can't hurt you but the strain on my heart when I see one has to do some long term damage!!!

    I too have plenty of kittens for you. 3 grown cats and 5 kitties that are 3 weeks old. Well Miss Fertile Myrtle is seeing the surgeon on the 25th for a little hyster!!!! Mine are outdoor/barn cats, not a mouse in site!!

  6. Oh my Berte! I have never heard of a chicken snake...are they like bullsnakes? Remember the bullsnake I escorted out of my well house a few days ago?? Well, it came back with a friend. I was about to reach into the hay to get an armful for the chickens nests, and saw the snake's body in the hay. I just pulled the wagon that the hay was on out to the woods with the snake in it. As I looked back, two heads were peeping out of the hay. I had to dump the hay out and scoot the snakes into the woods. They are so bothersome this year! Blessings,Kathleen

  7. Hi, me again! I just love your new kitty, Dottie! blessings,Kathleen

  8. EEEWWWWWW..... I don't do snakes!!!

  9. This time of year I am continually relocating snakes. My husband doesn't like them but I will pick them up (carefully) and move them to a spot further from the house if need be. Snakes are such beneficial creatures to have around that I have a strick "no kill" policy on them.

  10. Hi again Berte!

    Yep we have plenty of weeds, I assure you. This picture is a couple of weeks old.

    I recently found a copperhead in the woodpile and I grabbed my hoe and went to work on it. My middle son had several snakes as pets, and I learned to tolerate 'em. But the ones outside are not pet quality, so they get chopped into little bitty pieces!

  11. A chicken snake? Does it eat chickens? gah!

    We get bull snakes out here and we like to see 'em, 'cause they kill rattlers.
    When I see huge 6' long fat bull snakes I smile big!


  12. Yikes! I would have gone a bit crazy with Dottie, too! I don't do snakes either....even the little garden ones around here, totally harmless, freak me out. I think it's the way they move, and often how they startle you because you are just walking a long and then zoom, it wiggles under you feet!!
    p.s. I hope you used a good zoom to get his picture, and weren't standing too close, LOL!


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