Monday, April 16, 2012

It's All About Water

This past Thursday the wind came roaring through here and we lost power to the water! The power line to the well is still temporary and strung through the pecan trees over to the well. The electrician we had been using wanted an arm and a leg to run it underground. Right now, I really don't want to give up an arm or a leg for something that seems to be working. Long story short, it wasn't an electricity problem...kinda. The condenser had gone out and, my sweet Buddy, got it fixed last night. But...until diagnosed, we didn't have water for three days and four nights...yuk! My kitchen was disgusting to say the least. It took me all morning and a gas mask to get it clean.
I'm one of those who is slowly making progress to being more self-sufficient and storing up for emergencies. We have a water well that is powered by electricity. I would love to be able to not be dependent on that electricity for our water but I also know that it will most likely cost at least a couple arms and a couple legs for other sources, but will check into wind and solar. Our water is down 400+ feet. I would love to know how others are preparing to be supplied with water in case of an emergency.
Happy Trails,


  1. Hey Berte. Glad you got your water fixed and running again. We have an old well on our place and it's run by an electric pump. Not much pressure and we have to let it kinda get pressured up. Don't use it except for washing the car or running a little in the flower beds. It doesn't even run a sprinkler very well. I guess we could have another well drilled but it's so dad-gun expensive - might cost one's head, too, besides the arms and legs. I don't have any small children to sell anymore so I don't know what we'd do. Good question...

  2. Do they even make the old hand pumps for water wells?

  3. To Hookin It,
    I'm sure there are manual hand pumps (and I've thought of it too) but our well is 460 ft deep...that's a lot of pumpin'! I don't think this ol' gray mare is up to that.


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