Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Art of Buying Boots

First of all, yes, these boots are on my kitchen table. Here at the farm, there's been worse on there..
Is there a perfect boot out there? I see some women with so many different boots in their wardrobe. Personally, I would love to have a closet full of them but, I think, I would still pull out ol' favorites to wear. This has been my dilemma...finding a pair that look good and are comfortable. What is a girl to do when you find that pair that jumps out at you in the store "pick me, pick me!" and then you look at the price tag. Yikes! Back on the shelf they go. I have gone from my George Strait Justins from Tractor Supply....these are the ones I ride in..they are not fashionable but they do fit in a stirrup. And very comfortable. They have lasted me for years. Yep..they're keepers...especially with George's name on them..
Then I got these when they were supposed to be oh, so comfortable. I love a short top boot. Well, as it turns out, they are not so comfortable. Too much of a round toe and they are too big. But they are good for keeping at the back door and slipping on to go outside.
Okay, so Buddy says I need something that looks a little nicer for church. Now, mind you, he's the pastor at our cowboy church. Yes, I wear boots to church...whether I'm in jeans or skirts, I still wear boots. I get online and do my research... I find the Boulet boot. Originally made for the Canadian Mounties but now available to the public. Plus, Buddy tells me to get a square too boot. I tried on a pair of Anderson Bean boots at Cavenders and fell in love...but the price tag was outrageous. Back on the shelf..yes, I'm still drooling over them. I opt for the Boulet boots..
Of course, they are very comfortable when I try them on...get them home, wear them for a bit and they're too big. Why? What am I doing wrong? I know they are going to stretch some but this is ridiculous! Why can't they be what they are? I've bought kid insoles to put in them and they help but they're still not the perfect fit. Boots are way to expensive to be doing this. I really wish these fit better because I love the tops on them. See how low they're cut? But I feel like I'm wearing clodhoppers!
Okay..wanna know my favorites?
Muck boots!
Happy Trails,


  1. There is an art to this. My problemy is my instep is fat. No other way of putting it. So try pulling a boot on when that dang foot won't make the turn. Ugh!!! I was at the Boot Barn and tried wides but by the time I got my foot in, I had room for another foot inside. Yes, the art of finding a good boot that fits! Yes, I can wear fat babies but they are chunky! Love your boulet boot and good luck shopping!

  2. i have some hot pink mud boots that i wear. :)

    (did you know you have word verification on your blog? can't remember if i've mentioned it before or not. sorry if i'm nagging.)

  3. I'm glad you found my site and joined so I could come back to join yours! We're fellow Texans and it's always exciting to blog with another Texan. We love the Brazos Bend, love, love it! Our land is in Livingston, but right next to Big Sandy - close to the Indian Reservation. The Big Thicket is across the street from our land and that's why we are so heavily forested. It will be a chore to get moved, but we are so excited. I'll be catching up on reads at your site! Looking forward to it. Boots, I definitely need some cowboy boots...I'm too much of a city girl still because I only have two pair of black leather boots and one pair of muck boots! haha


  4. I love the first and the last ones best because you don't have to worry about them. They are already worn and dirty : )

  5. I wear muck boots & my sons old work boots to do farm chores in, I so want a nice pair of boots, but goodness they are high, one day I shall have a pair ;)

  6. LOve the pink ones for dress up.
    :-) Thanks for the follow!

  7. List those pink boots on craigslist or ebay. Whoever wants them can go to store and try on sizes to figure out what they need, then buy your's if its the right size. then you go to store and buy the right size!


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