Friday, December 4, 2009

Yes, we had snow

I did see some real pretty flurries today...more in Bryan/College Station than out here at the farm. And, no, I did not take pictures..I seriously doubt they would show up on the camera. But we did get all the critters tucked in and blanketed. I'll try and get out tomorrow and take some pictures. here's a picture of our lovely Christmas actually looks a lot better in the picture than in person. One of our friends came over today and was standing there looking at it and finally decided to ask... "Did you just run out of ornaments or are you not finished?" Ha! Ha! Truth is I had it all decorated and here comes Dottie, the cat, and shinnies up the middle of the tree. Great... and, at night, as soon as we turn off the lights, we can hear the ornaments falling and hitting the floor. Forget a tree skirt..all I'm doing is sweeping up broken glass. Yep, I've learned my lesson this more breakable ornaments...I just gave up! Since we just moved into the house, I can't find our traditional ornaments I usually put up...the unbreakable ones. So.. this year we live with lights and redoing garland every morning.

Happy Trails...


  1. Oh Berte, the tree looks pretty. When the lights are lit, all you can see on just about any tree are the lights. Doodads are over-rated and timely to take off and put up. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

    I especially noticed your deerskin laying on the coffee table. I love things like that. Your home looks very cozy. How long has it been now? I can't remember when ya'll moved in. Has it been a year yet?
    Take care - always good to hear from you!

  2. Lovely tree! We're putting ours up this weekend. I put up the outside lights today. The wind was blowing so hard and with the temps down to 10 degrees, I'm sure the windchill made it much lower. brrr!
    When will I learn to put up the lights before it gets so cold? lol!

    We have a new kitty and I too am worried that she will climb the tree. All our decorations are kid and pet friendly, though. We learned our lesson the hard way, too. lol!


  3. Snow this early in the year! Now that is unusual especially in Texas! Congrats; bet it really gets you in the mood for the holidays! We haven't had anything but flurries yet. I can wait! The Midwest has taught me that 'no snow' is not a bad thing;)
    Your tree looks real pretty. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and get all the snow you want!

  4. Of course you had snow! Even the folks all the way down in Houston got snow! Where's mine?! I want snow here in Eastern North Carolina! I should have stayed in Texas. :(


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