Friday, December 11, 2009

A Most Unwelcome Visitor

A few weeks ago as I was sitting looking out the window, I saw a red tail hawk fly down out of
the trees and catch what was probably a mouse. But, why should he bother with a little ol' mouse when he can dine on a big fat hen? And that's exactly what he did. When we found the dead chicken, that was the only thing we could attribute it to...a hawk. So today I'm out feeding and I hear a chicken squawking like it had laid an egg...but then I see two chickens come out of their little trap door of the chicken house just carrying on about something. So, in I go to feed and gather eggs. But I notice that the count is not what it's supposed to be and there sure are a lot of feathers around. I open the door and see a dead chicken on the floor of the house and then look up to see this huge hawk with wings spread and mouth open like I dare to disturb his meal.

Well, now I'm mad. This is two chickens he's killed and one chicken that is still unaccounted for. I call my brother-in-law...he's not home but says to use rat-shot. Great...Buddy's got the gun with him that holds the rat-shot and my little gun would blow a hole through the side of the chicken coop. Buddy's an hour and a half away so I call my good preacher man.. wonderful...he's on his way and he'll have something to get rid of him and keep my hen house intact.

So, preacher man gets here and comes out of the truck with a small piece of rope...okay...what are ya gonna do...rope him? No..he just grabs his legs and then he's ties them with the rope. He wanted to take this hawk home to show his kids. Apparently, he has taken quite a menagerie home to show the family. Whatever...I just want him gone.

So I'm going to share some of the pictures I got. As mad as I was at this bird, he was very majestic.

I've come back and added this last picture of the hawk trying to grab at my camera before preacher man tied up his legs.

Happy Trails...


  1. I'm sorry he got some of your girls. But I can't believe preacher man was able to get him with just a rope around his legs! I'd think a wild bird would peck/bite with his beak.

  2. Preacher man snatched and grabbed him around the legs with his gloved hand and then tied a rope around his legs to prevent him from flying off. This bird's feet were a lot faster than his beak. I'll have to add a picture of the hawk trying to grab at my camera before preacher man tied up his legs.

  3. Wow! In your coop! I've lost 4 chickens this week to a hawk. I'm now cooping them all. I can't lose anymore.

  4. Oh Berte, it's a beautiful bird. I've seen them up close and personal before. It's a shame that this one got to your hens. I hope the preacher man will let him go somewhere that he won't be a menace to your chickens.

    I'm with you, tho, on protecting my home and critters. I'd have done the same thing and that's what farmers and ranchers have been doing for centuries. The gubmint has interfered so much that it makes us all feel guilty when we have to dispose of these threats. It's not done in sport, but in defense. Rock on.

  5. WOW, while they are majestic birds then can wipe out a flock of domestic chicks. I have one here that was taking one a day till I literally stayed outside or by the window every day. Each time it flew in I chased him off. He once flew in scooped up a chicken to have me yell at him and he dropped the chick. Chick was fine. I have not had any problems recently with the hawks. Just a Bobcat, Coyote, Fox or Owl taking my Khaki Campbell ducks. They get locked up now about 1 hour before dark.


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