Sunday, November 29, 2009

Git On Outta Here!

Ever since we got Cinch, Buddy's horse (on the left), he and my mare, Jess, have become best buds. Yes, they leave out poor Bridget. The only good thing about this new relationship is that Bridget's mane is finally growing back from the other horses chewing it. This is the most common sight now..the two of them standing at the back gate waiting to come into the yard to eat what grass is left. So, big-hearted Buddy has been letting them in the yard for a few hours a day this past week while he's been off. But then they get full and here's where they end up....

Right on the back porch in the smack dab middle of all the pecans I've just picked up and trying to crack.

Not only did they spill them everywhere, they had to smash them up. And, if you can tell in the picture, Cinch got into a bag of bird seed and destroyed it. So I say...
Git on outta here!
Happy Trails...


  1. Now Berte; those horses have mowed your grass, cracked your pecans and saved you the trouble of filling the bird feeders. Surely there is good news there somewhere:) I'd just like to have a horse! HAHA!
    Merry Christmas, Debbie

  2. Oh, Debbie, you're right! What was I thinking? It's like smashing grapes...they just need to wash their feet first..ha,ha..

  3. Hey Berte - Your river is way UP! I like your new banner picture. Good to see you back - The horses look like they've had a high ole time on your porch there. Worse than kids, maybe. How did your pecan crop turn out this year? I hope ya'll had a good Thanksgiving!

  4. Silly horses, what a mess they have made!!

  5. I bet your jaw dropped seeing all that mess. They sure are cute...and beautiful, though. Lucky them, or else they'd be in even worse trouble. hehe!

    Great pics!


  6. Bless your heart! So funny. My cat is just as bad as your horses. I can not turn my back on anything I am working on, because he winds up laying right in the middle of it. Blessings,Kathleen

  7. Oh my, horses can be such pest at times. I use to have one that i would let out to eat grass and she instead chose to stand at the kitchen window and watch me.
    Merry Christmas


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