Sunday, December 27, 2009

Always something

Yesterday Buddy and I went into town to get in on some after Christmas sales at Tractor Supply and something to eat other than ham. We've eaten so much ham in the past couple days, I think we could puke. But, alas, guess what's for supper tonight? Anyway, we got into town and noticed cop cars at every light with their lights flashing. Keep in mind we have only 4 traffic lights in town. Of all things, the power was out in all of town. We could see that stores were clearing out all customers. Phooey, so much for hitting Tractor Supply. We did manage to get some barbecue on a cold bun and speaking of cold buns, my butt was freezing on their metal electricity, no heat. So, back home we went.
When we got home 13 miles away, the power was off at the house. Lovely! So, we'll sit it out for a while. A couple hours pass and Buddy calls the neighbor. What's up? She's got electricity. Buddy grabs a flashlight and heads outside to check the breaker box. Everything looks good but absolutely no juice. I call the power company and they have somebody out here in a matter of minutes. But, in the meantime, Buddy found the culprit...

Can you see him up there? A squirrel is up there to the right of the pole. Unfortunately, he was fried. I will save my readers from seeing what he looked like. Anyway, we quickly got our power back on. We still don't know what caused the power outage in town.

Today, we traveled up towards Dallas to visit some of the kids and grandkids and have our Christmas with them. Was fun but way too quick. We hit the traffic coming home...not's so good.

This past week, we're dog sitting for my niece while she and her family traveled out of town. We love to have Simon come over and stay with his cousin wienies. It's a zoo! But he fell into the routine quickly. He usually stays outside during the day unless I leave.. he follows me out the gate so then he has to stay in the utility room. Too long today so...he went with us... even to church...Okay, he did have to stay in the parking lot during the service. And then we had to hit Sonic on the way home...

We'll never tell....

Happy Trails..


  1. Sounds like you had a very full day! Have a wonderful new year! blessings,Kathleen

  2. Wow, don't you just love it when things like that happen, LOL. I completely understand the "ham" thing, we will hopefully finish ours up in a day or two, and then no ham for awhile! Cute weiner dog, looks alot like my neice's Bernice, she's a dapple weiner too....very sweet!

  3. Simon will be like a little spoiled grandkid when he gets back home! I bet he loves coming to your house!

    Poor squirrel! Maybe all the squirrels decided to convene at the 'lectric poles today for some mischief - check all the poles in town and see if there are anymore fried squirrels up there. Maybe the BBQ place could put them on some cold buns! Who knows, it might start a new trend! haha!

  4. Aww, that last pic is sweet! Gotta love those cute weenie dogs. :)

    Sorry about the loss of power and the fried squirrel.
    I'm sick of ham, too. bah!


  5. Oh my, I am so sorry for no electricity. We have been so fortunate. We had a huge ice storm on Christmas morning and made it thru breakfast, when we picked up the first present to start opening it was lights out. It came right back on though!!!!

    I love weinie dogs too!! Maybe I should bring Frankie down to play too!!!

  6. Great post and great blog! I found your through Kathleen's blog, Eggs in my Pocket.
    This poor little squirrel. My firefighter daughter says that it's very common for squirrels to start fires. They get "fried" fall to the ground, and light the brush on fire. So glad all you had to worry about was getting the power back.
    Have a wonderful and blessed New Year!
    Patricia :o)

  7. So your sick of already had a fresh hot meal cooked & you turned your nose up at it!! Well.....what is wrong with fried squirrel???!! LOL My husband & kids eat it actually. My husband fries some & then cooks some in chicken & rice. He calls it "RAT & RICE"! No I aint tellin a lie either!! LOL!! Happy New Year!

  8. Howdy!!! I just love your blog! I had no idea. I'm going to subscribe so I can keep up with ya:).

    Hey, do you want any chicks??? We have 9 that need a home if you are interested.

    Hope all is well on the homestead!


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