Friday, December 11, 2009

Cold and Frisky

The morning ritual...the dogs and horses kicking up and playing the cold.

Ahhh...all settled in. Jasper has them right where he wants them. Out in the far corner off his porch.
Happy Trails...


  1. Is there anything in nature more beautiful than a horse running and kicking up its heels? The proud head, the flowing mane & tail, the bunched muscles, the flared nostrils, their majestic strength, ahhh....

    I'm waxing philosophic, I guess. I love your pictures, Berte. Someday soon, I'll be able to watch my own horses getting frisky!

  2. Guess I need to kick it around a bit to warm up!

  3. Horse herder, eh? Some doggies just want a job. hehe!

    Great captures on this action shots. wow!


  4. Gorgeous horse and beautiful pictures. I wish my camera took decent action shots like that. It blurs almost every time. I am enjoying your blog and beautiful farm pictures.


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