Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yummmm...What's for lunch?

Campfire cooking on a cold, rainy day.

Cowboy stew and cornbread...

Hot, bubbly cherry, apple, blueberry and peach cobblers...

Happy Trails...


  1. Not sure about the occasion, but I really like the menu!

  2. Oh Yum! My absolute favorite thing to do! We've spent many good times out at the deer lease with the whole family. I remember warm fires 'n hot coffee, misty foggy mornings, coats buttoned up to the top and leather gloves, cast iron pots with venison chili, beef stew, biscuits.... you're callin' my name, Berte. I may ride up on my pony to your fire one of these days... :o)

  3. Wow you are sure making me hungry!! Anything cooked outside like that is sooooooo much better!!!

    YUM YUM!!!!

  4. Fantastic! My husband loves cooking in our Dutch Oven! We like to use it out back in our fire circle we have! Campfire cooking is the best! :)

  5. Oh! I ssoooo want to be there. I've always wanted to participate in a cowboy cookout!
    Lucky you!

    Teel us us more!!



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