Saturday, December 12, 2009

Red Tail Hawk in Texas

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their concerned comments about my post on finding the red tail hawk in my chicken house. I truly appreciate them. I will be honest. I had every intention on killing this menace to my farm. No, I would not go out and just start shooting hawks up in the trees but this hawk was caught in my chicken house and was not leaving. I am not some big hunter that shoots for sport but I do live out in the country and carry a gun to protect myself and my farm animals.
About my post on catching the hawk...this hawk was not hunted. He went through a small trap door to my chicken house and was found in the chicken house. By no means was this bird caught and taken home as a pet. These birds are not anything to mess with. A red tail hawk needs to be respected as a raptor. This hawk was caught and taken to show some kids the "up close and personal" look at a hawk, it's sharp claws and beak and it's majesty of God's work in all it's detail. He was then relocated away from the farm.
According the Texas Parks and Wildlife, a red tail hawk is a nongame specie and is not on the endangered or threatened specie list. In specific, a landowner or landowner's agent may kill any nongame wildlife other than protected birds and threatened or endangered species at any time in any number, provided the wildlife is not used in a commercial activity. Another interesting note, these birds may not be kept in captivity nor their feathers kept.
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  1. Berte, thanks for educating us. I'm glad to know that you can protect your farm animals from predators. I've often thought how I'd like to whack this hawk that hunts around here, but of course ya just can't do that in town. I like to hope he keeps the rodent count down, but I think he keeps the rabbit population down too:)
    People need to realize that as pretty as wildlife can be, God gave man dominion over the animals and He didn't intend for us to "feed" them with our own food animals. Nuisance animals, whether feathered or furred, have to be controled. I respect the way in which you and your pastor handled this.

  2. New topic:

    Berte, I just noticed - (or have I told you this before)that "Crazy From the Heart" is one of your favorite movies. It's one of mine, too, but nobody I know has seen it. I have watched it 100 times at least! Cool!

  3. I love these pictures. I've sent your link to my Montana friends. Otherwise this story is hard to believe! Thanks for taking the time to get pictures.

  4. I have never lost one of my chickens to a buzzard ( the biggest bird of prey here in wales) but I do love the call of the roosters when they spy a bird in the sky!!!

  5. Sorry to hear about your chickens. That owl that killed one of my piegeons (in fact, ate half of it) and severly maimed another was a Great Horned Owl, and is protected. But he had killed one bird and returned several times are shots scared him off. He had found an easy food source and would surely return on some other night. We could be in trouble for taking the life of the gorgeous bird, and I hated that it had to die. But I spend enough money of feed for my own birds and seeds for the small tweety birds that visit my yard. But I cannot afford to feed birds of prey or foxes or predators, for that matter. Glad you were able to save your birds and the hawk.

  6. I know what you mean. These birds are predators. If there is not something crawling or prowling on the ground, then there is something in the air! It is a constant job to keep our pets and poultry safe! blessings,Kathleen

  7. As hard as it is for some to understand, you are doing what you have to do to protect your flock. I really respect (and understand) that.

  8. That is the whole reason we did not get any hens this last year..all would have been prey to predators ..since we do not have a hen house. That is the only hope of keeping hens ..and as you described - it does not protect them 100%.

  9. Hey there, Berte- I am in awe that you got those pictures! I would have been scared to death.
    We have been fortunate to only lose a few hens to hawks in all the years we've had chickens... but once they learn how and when, they will keep coming back and back, until there are no more chickens. I think it was great how you were able to catch it and relocate it... Hubby has managed to kill a couple of them and I always feel bad because they truly are magnificent creatures. Once when he killed one, I went over and inspected it and could not believe how beautiful it was.. I had never seen one up close. However, I love my birds to much to see them picked off one by one, so it had to go.
    I'm so sorry you lost some of your birds... hopefully you won't have this trouble anymore!

  10. so your pastor caught him with a ROPE???? that's a man worth his salt! great story and ending!

  11. 12-21-09
    Just dropped back by to wish you a wonderful Christmas! blessings,Kathleen


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