Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What d'ya think?

Do ya think I need a hat rack or what? Buddy comes in the door and this is where the hats go..even the nasty, stinky hats that he will not part with. And to think he just brought home a box, yes, a box of 20 new caps from our son's business.

Most of the furniture is getting moved around this week (for reasons I will disclose later) so something's gonna have to give. Aha!..stay tuned.

I don't know what's going on with the girls but we're getting about 16-18 eggs a day. For 20 chickens, that's a lot. I guess it's been because the sun is out. It's supposed to get down into the teen's here the end of the week. That's just not right for Texas!

I'm working on my frugal living..still baby steps. I went to the store the other day for a few things and ended up stockpiling on paper goods. I have concluded that I don't need a whole Kleenex to wipe off my face at night.. I tear off and use only half. Now, that brings up another subject...why do we use the universal term "kleenex" when they are clearly marked "facial tissue"? I could go on but won't bore you.

For several days now, Buddy and I have been smelling something like cooked cabbage every time we walk in the door. We have searched everywhere. My nose led me to the stove. I'm thinking.."what in the world could have slid down the side in the cracks?" I found my answer this morning. The temp was down to 25 so a bowl of hot oatmeal sounded good. I grab some water to put on to boil...aha! out of propane! How'd that happen? I didn't even think about the propane being low but that was the smell. When we moved in last May, we put a minimal amount in the tank thinking we would not use much in the stove and hot water heater. That's what we get for thinking! I did get a dual stove/oven...the range is gas and the double oven is electric. I figured that even if the power goes out, I can always cook...there I go thinking again...Well, better head out and prepare for this cold we're fixin' to get.

Happy Trails...


  1. Mornin', Berte!

    Yep, I think you need a hatrack. My husband leaves his caps all over the house, too. On the bedposts, on the doorknobs, then he asks ME where is so-n-so cap? I even bought him an over-the-door thingie for his closet with a buncha hooks on it for his caps. I think it stays empty most of the time.

    I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning on the way to work, and he was raving about stockpiling food for the coming disaster that he predicts in the near future, and there's this "Food Insurance" company that is selling a year's worth of food insurance to provide a family of 5 three meals a day for $5,800. Can you believe that? I think they are taking advantage of people's fears. We can stockpile in our own homes if need be. I guess folks up north in the cities might have a much more difficult time. But nobody knows what's gonna happen except the Good Lord. And we can certainly do our part and be good little ants and be prepared for things, but good grief! Food Insurance!

    There's my rant for the day. Your eggs are beautiful. What do you do with the surplus? Sell 'em or give 'em away? Our feed stores here will sell 'em for us. My chicken makes me want to see more pictures of your chickens.

    Sorry this is so bloomin' long. Have a great day! Watch out for cabbage smells and hunker down and git ready for the blue norther!

  2. Our beef is 'boots'. Loyd puts all his boots in the laundry room. The fact that boots are "huge" leaves everone stumbling around on those boots. I suggested that since he can only wear one at a time, put the rest somewhere else. If I ever build a house (like that's gonna happen) we're putting in a closet just for boots, coats and hats. I don't want to see those things when we're not wearin' em! For cold weather report check my blog.

  3. I too have the dh that leaves his grimmy caps all over and then accuses me of misplacing them!! It's usually the back of my dining room chairs! And the dirty boots.....they are every where but most of the time they are on his feet tracking thru my house!!!!!

    Vickie~ I sure wish my feed store would sell my surplus eggs for me. Maybe I should check into that one!!!

    I had one of those "thinking moments" yesterday and decided to go to the feed store and stockpile some feed due to the bad weather that we are experiencing and the convienence of having it already here. Danny asked me to go and get dog food for his dogs. I bought almost a ton of feed for the goats and chickens and barn cats......but I forgot the dog food!!! OMG!!!!! What was I thinking?

  4. I think your current hat rack is working just fine!! Besides if you put them in a place where they were supposed to be, would you be able to find them? ;-))) We have the same problem as Debbie with the shoes--There are so many that even one of the dogs will get one and carry it around--I think she's trying to tell me to get them put away!!

    I'm envious of your eggs!! If you were closer, I'd stop and buy some from you--My "source" of fresh eggs has dried up for now!

    Hope your week is off to a good start!!

  5. We've thought about stockpiling feed but don't know how to store it. I'm afraid our mice would get big as jack rabbits if they could get to all that feed. Right now we've got it in plastic garbage cans and tubs.
    Hey, I'm open for suggestions.

  6. LOL...we've had that cabbage smell, too. I thought it was food in the garbage. We took the trash out, but the smell didn't go away! The next day we had to cook on the grill till I could get more. Luckily we sell propane at work, so I get our tank filled there with a nice employee discount. Man, do I really miss Texas.....a lot!!

  7. Ha! As soon as I saw the picture, I knew what it was about! My husband does the same thing....a hat on the kitchen counter, a cap on the hutch top~~just like your picture, one on the bedpost, one on the table....they're everywhere! It's good to know I'm not the only one dealing with this, LOL.....


  8. Hi again - I named my chicken Jaci, in honor of my niece who ribs me all the time about my strong east Texas accent and my hick way of saying things. She's from the metroplex. And you know Texas is so big that we each have our own dialects and slang all over this great state!

    By the way, my word verification for this post is "restench". Wonder if it is referring to your smelly smell in your house???

  9. Hey Berte - yep I think Jaci has a bit of a drawl. Most chickens say bock-bock. She's saying bawwwk-bawwwk! haha!

    Hey can you email me - I need to ask you something.

    fearsome52000 at yahoo dot com.


  10. HELLO Berte! I am so thrilled to "meet" you!! And it's so awesome you are another Texas blogger.

    I have enjoyed my first visit and look forward to more. I will become a follower!


  11. Hi, hope this finds you staying warm. I know what you mean about the egg laying. My hens usually lay off in the winter and don't start back up till early spring, yet, this year I am getting eggs every day. So wierd, but I am grateful. Stay warm! blessings,Kathleen

  12. LOL! Hubby dumps the mail on my kitchen counter and it never makes it upstairs to his desk unless I move it up there. My kitchen counters get so cluttered. Drives me crazy. Oh! And I could use a mud room. Currently when we come in from outside we step into the dining room....and that's where all of our coats, boots, gloves and barn wear goes. Good thing we don't get much company! lol!

    And why does everyone refer to cotton swabs as Q-Tips. It just becomes a household name.

    Glad to hear you don't have rotten cabbage buried in your house somewhere. Now you just have to restock your propane so you don't get cold!


  13. It isn't hats here it is my husbands shoes. He leaves them in the middle of the living room floor and I am always tripping on them. Drives me just a little bit crazy! Those are some beautiful eggs!

  14. When my daughter was just a tyke, she said, "I know why they are called Kleenex..." I said, "why?" and she said, "because the next one's always clean!"


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