Sunday, January 17, 2010

An Egg or a Fart?

Can you see it? What would you call it? I don't think it's an egg. Probably just a hard shell fart.

And what's with the little outy belly button on the end? That's just nasty.

Calling all meat rabbit raisers. I need some help. We're working on getting some meat rabbits and I'm trying to decide on cages or hutches or whatever you want to call them. We had them when I was a kid and we had wooden hutches. I know that's not the preferred hutch due to sanitary conditions. So, do I get wire cages and hang them or put them in a wooden frame? I've also heard that stacking is not the preferred way. I will have these cages under a shed with access to fans for summer heat. I'm tossing around which is the best way to go so any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.
Happy Trails...


  1. I grew up on a rabbit farm. We had over 150 meat rabbits. We had cages that were attacted to the barn on the back of the cage and hung by wire on the front of the cage. We didn't want any legs under the cages to get in the way of cleaning away the droppings. Don't stack the cages. They will poop on each other that way. EEEWWWWW! If you use wooden legs. The pee will soak up into the wood. Double EEEWWW!
    Good Luck.

  2. We've had a few mini eggs also, recently one that was so tiny it had no yolk. sometimes we get eggs that have rigid marks on them, they look like a brain, just weird...

    Bunnies, we bought 2 last summer and fully intended to use them for meat, however, they are such social animals, and so dog gum cute, we (softies that we are) could not do it after all. Ours have wooden pens, with lots of room to run, they are kinda messy and need cleaned often.


  3. haha! how funny! we've had some funny looking eggs too! i guess when you let nature do its thing, there is bound to be some blunders.

  4. I know nothing about rabbits except they poop alot. Small Farm Girl had a good suggestion about hanging the cages. Makes sense to me.

    Thought I'd say hi! and I hope you have a good week! 60+ degree temps this week. Whoo-hoo!

  5. I agree with the previous reply. Everything I have read says thats the best way to do it and the local rabbit raisers I have visited here in Florida use the hanging wire cages. I just started raising meat rabbits with 4 young does that I will breed in about 6 more weeks. I am hoping to build worm beds under the cage to utilize the manure and bedding in the gardens.

  6. Well, that egg is sort of cute... are you gonna eat it? I'm curious if it looks like a normal egg inside....I know that's weird, but I just wonder, LOL.....

  7. Hi Berte, on my blog list side bar, there is a blog called Sunny's Place..Sunny raises rabbits for the market and can give you the best advice. You can email her by going to the link on my blog or you can go to her other blog called The Rabbit Mathematician. I hope this helps. Good luck! blessings,Kathleen

  8. We have been using live traps here, catching them & into the freezer they go. We let Mother Nature take care of the's cheap!!

  9. I'm am loving all these suggestions...most helpful. I've decided on the hanging cages and have possibly found a source nearby. Tina, you crack me up..I can just picture myself heading out armed with buck knife, canteen and coonskin cap going out to check my traps. That's a sight!

  10. thanks for coming by to visit...I'm trying to get by and visit all the Texas gals also...I bet you don't like squirrels with a pecan orchard...

  11. The wire hanging cages are the easiest to clean. I wonder if you have to worry about snakes? If you are going to raise rabbits, the babies need a seperate area in the cage. I just raised rabbits to let them go..I never could butcher them..too cute. Mine were fairly prolific..I built my own hutches..for Minnesota winters..insulated wooden sleep area and a wire feeding area.
    I am interested in seeing that egg is interesting:)

  12. What a funny little egg!

    I've only just started with chickens and have six young hens. I just confirmed yesterday that a second is now laying, and so far all of my eggs (about a dozen?) have been perfect.

  13. LOL! I love the little egg! Seems maybe it's a message . . . or a threat. ;) That's better than no eggs which is what THREE of my four hens think I deserve. Free loaders, I say.

    No rabbits here, so no advice on that one.

  14. No eggs no rabbits here... but this was very interesting.

  15. We also have lots of fun with our eggs and chickens.
    Warm wishes,

  16. Oh this egg cracked me up. That is just some special chicken you have there..LOL!

  17. This is so funny!!

    Have a great day.

  18. i can't believe all the eggs you're getting. my girls must be worn out. we're not getting a thing! lazy, i say!

    about the potatoes- i don't think you have to be a member to get some from home sweet farm. just give jenny a call, tell her you saw them on my blog- she'll take care of you!

    one more thing- i am ga-ga for your new wood stove. it is a beauty!!!

  19. What an interesting egg! YOur reference to an outy belly button cracked me up.
    I though fart eggs were just rubbery and had nothing but whie inside. I'm interested to see what's inside of that one of yours.

    We've been getting a few freaky eggs that have creases and wrinkles all over, as if the hen took a break and scrunched up during the hardening process. They look like a brain or something. lol!

    I've only had pet rabbits, both indoor and outdoor, so I have no advice, but I'd be taking advantage of the free bunny poop for your garden for sure!


  20. Update on the nasty little "fart" only had white in yolk. I wonder what makes them like that..hhmmm...


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