Thursday, January 28, 2010

Texas women

I hope I don't offend any fellow Texans but I've just got to post about this. I come from a long line of family born and raised in Texas. Call it whatever, but when I was a kid growing up, I really thought Dolly Parton on the cover of True Confessions was to die for. She was always a lady..always had hair and makeup perfect. Now, as an older adult, I've learned she has gone off the deep end and looks purely plastic. Where did my idol go? But back to the point of this post.
Yesterday, while still in Dallas, I slipped out of the hospital and went down the road to pick up lunch for Theresa and her husband. They wanted Pei Wei, so off I went. Now, mind you, I live in a small town near a college town, home of Texas A&M, where it is not uncommon to see a lot of "kids" wearing flip-flops and pajamas pants or sweats. And, when I go out, I always have on makeup and clean hair, 99% of the time in jeans and a tshirt. But as I was sitting in Pei Wei, waiting for my take-out, I was blown away with the women coming in. The majority of them had something done to their hair...I've never seen such streaks and 'do's. And their makeup looked like war paint. And I don't know how they held themselves up with all that jewelry. Oh, and the Barbie heels...c'mon, do women really work in those? I've got to know... was this a freak sighting? I forgot about their purses..I guess you call that a purse..they were the size of an envelope. (Where do they put their gun? It couldn't be under that bodysuit...maybe it was hiding under all that necklace or tucked into all that cleavage...hopefully not there because if they needed it in a hurry, it would take them awhile to find it). I applaud women for getting up and dressing and looking professional but this was almost a joke.. when you got that many women together, it looked comical. Each one that came in looked just like the one before them. I do not consider myself to be leading a sheltered life. I know that not all Texas women look like that. I hope that folks outside of Texas do not think that is a true reflection of Texas women because it's not.
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  1. I have a very good idea of what you are talking about, the woman of West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale have a fashion sense that one might think a bit over the top but with a decidedly tropical flair lol! I guess to each his own, I don't have time for all that, I think I am doing great if I can get all the muck dirt out from under my fingernails before I go to work.
    The music on your blog always reminds me of my dad who grew up in Hondo Texas.

  2. My dear Berte, I lived in Texas for 8 years and miss it emmensely. But I hate to be the one to tell you that you are the last of a dying breed. And it's quite a shame I must say. It's has become more of a "who cares what you think" type of world, and it saddens me. I once worked for Head Start in Belton, Texas and I showed up for my first day of work in slacks, a nice dress shirt, and a tie! I was told that I would intimidate the parents dressed that way and I should just wear a t-shirt and jeans. Go figure. I think the look should go with the job. But, then again, what would I know?

  3. Just what "CORNER" was you on Berte?!! LOL!

    It is the "WAY" now for this generation coming up. Danny & I call it "HOR-ISM" & yes that is how we spell it!

  4. I lived in Temple, Texas for 13 months..that was 13 years ago and I guess things have changed a bit because I never saw women like that..In the mid west where I am at now things are changing big time. But I am staying the way I am as of right now. I won't plaster my face. Keep being who you are. Lisa

  5. well you were in Dallas....big hair...big makeup...big heels and usually a big purse....It is funny to see all that in one place....but ususally you see people that look like they just rolled out of bed....must be a middle some where...I guess I'm in the middle...

  6. What the heck is PeiWei? That said, I got the biggest kick out of your comment on the small purse. Where is one to conceal a weapon! Good question! I thought all respectable women carried large purses, expecially Texas women. My friends here kid me about that. But they mostly think all Texas women wear makeup and have big hair. I certainly do. AND, I color. Nature's makin my streaks for free. I notice that nearly everyone does something to their hair nowadays INCLUDING GUYS, but don't get me goin' there. I really enjoyed this post; I've about forgotten what Texas women look like and I'm gettin' ready for a refresher course!
    Debbie PS Cute grand daughter!

  7. Berte,
    I know exactl what you are saying. Evenher ein Oregon I wonder what these people are thinking.. Here we see lots women,young teen girls with tatoos where we shouldn't see skin. Over made up faces and tight tight clothes. I look at magazines and never see this fashion statement..This goes with the hair thing here too.I am sure, these gals get together & do each others.. I am very grateful my daughters are past these fad things.. & have their own children to set examples for. I am no proud to say they are very professional looking especially when they go out in public.

  8. Debbie, trust me, I'm all for coloring hair..I've got to do something soon because the entire right side of my head is gray. But I know I'm not going in for the dramatic off-colored streaks..something a little more subtle.
    This was the first time I've ever been in Pei Wei. SIL says it's a fast food version of PFChang's..okay..I've never been there either. But it's supposed to be Chinese or oriental..I wouldn't exactly compare the taste to Chinese..too much ginger for me. Could be I was on overload of "spicy" women coming in the door...and these were women of all ages! I don't think I've seen that much jewelry in a jewelry store!

  9. I think I am somewhat guilty. I visit a friend outside of Dallas every year and one of our shopping trips is Sam Moons. It has an overload of jewelry. I always pick up a piece or two that "I" think is conservative. But when I wear it to work here in Oregon they always say "that from Texas". Then come the comment that everything is big in Texas. At my age I do have to add a little color to quiet the gray but no fancy streaks for me. And no spiked heals for me either. But the younger generation the higher the better with jeans! Okay now that I've given my age away I'll go back to work.

  10. Hi Berte - True Texas women (notice I'm saying WOMEN) are more reserved and present themselves well. And yes, true Texas women still have big hair and big purses. You know you have to have a big purse to carry your can of hairspray, concealed weapon, make-up bag, gum, billfold with all your credit cards and checkbook.

    All these young'uns coming up are being influenced by TV, movies, magazines and of course the internet. I'm so thankful my daughter is very modest and she has alot of class and an eye for stylish but tasteful clothes. I think some of these things are just fads and will pass.

    Plus you can go to Dallas or a bigger city (even a smaller one) and the people don't look like they used to. We've become a melting pot for foreigners - legal and illegals alike. And you know they bring their own styles and fashion with them. I told Tony awhile back that someday there'll be no different races. There'll only be one and it will be called - "MUD". I'm hanging onto my Texas style until I'm planted in the ground. I think my kids will, too.

    By the way, I've been to Pei Wei's and I like it okay. I never could remember the name of it, so I always refer to it as Poo-Poo's. My sister always like to go there when I go to Dallas... "Let's go eat at Poo-Poo's"...

  11. Junebug - I visit Sam Moon's, too. Love it! I usually go for more BIG PURSES...

  12. Oh yeah, Berte - I can't get my thoughts together today.

    How's Miss Leighton? I am sure you've gotten to hold and kiss her...

  13. Hi. First time reader and poster. But enjoyed your blog. Glad it's not like that in Austin anymore. But, I can remember when. And, Dallas can keep it. Lane

  14. Here in Michigan we refer to them kinds as "THE PEOPLE OF WAL MART"!


  15. Hi. Just found your blog today. What a joy to read - and a hoot!

  16. Hi Berte, thanks for visiting my blog, wanted to reciprocate...the first read (your last post) cracked me up, mostly about "where do they hide their gun" part! Will have to come back and peruse your blog...and regarding a guy speaking...just assumed all of "her" was cosmetic...BUT..maybe not! Have a wonderful day! I'll be enjoying weather in the mid-single digits while you bask in the Texas sunshine! R Dean

  17. haha! i totally know what you mean. i noticed this same exact thing when we visited Kingwood by Houston. Every lady there was made up. I looked very "dressed down" at the grocery store in jeans and a nice shirt.

    my only theory after witnessing this phenom was,"Well, I guess they AIN'T a farmer's wife like me." LOL! I'd last all but 5 seconds in high heels. I've NEVER wore a pair....a streak that I'm quite proud of.

  18. I'm right there with you--Must be the Texan in me...My dad and his family were/are from TX...But I teach a class of 12-13 year olds at church and have to say that I never looked the way they do when I was their age, and I still don't at my age!

  19. "Where do they put their gun?"

    Oh Bless Your Heart! I LOVE it! I'm a Texas Woman (and a cop) and I wonder the same thing when I look at those girls!


  20. Hi, so nice to meet you. I’m Yoli, a fellow “Texas Blogging Gal”. I made it my goal to visit each member’s Blog. I don’t want to just “drive-thru” to meet a quota, but instead to share the gift of friendship that God gives us all. I’m excited to read your inspirational stories and see your creative works. You are always welcomed at my Apron Senorita Blog.

    Berte, spoken like a true Texan. I have enjoyed your blog. Congratulations on Miss Leighton Anne.

    God Bless You!

  21. Nope! That's just "Dallas Women"!!! HAHAHA!

    Visiting from Texas Blogging Gals! Love your blog! Please visit me for a fun giveaway!


  22. OMG you had me rolling.

    I watch the 'town' women here with all their stiff streaked KATE hair. I will just stay to myself with jeans and button downs thank-you very much.

    LOL I bet nonoe of those critters can even lift a 50lb feed bag, fend off a snake nor, shoot to save themselves.

    I love your blog,
    you funny thang!

  23. First time visitor and enjoying myself. I live in a remote, rural area and rarely see such trash but when I go to an urban area...OH MY! As to the shoes, I call those spikey platform heels "tart trotters" and they are, aren't they? Why do women dress like $25 hookers and then get insulted when that's how they are treated? Makes no sense to me. As to the tiny bag, whatzup with that, pray tell? Why bother?
    I'm all for modest and keeping 'em guessing. -grin-

  24. Oh that made me laugh so hard! "Where do they put their gun?"
    That's absolutely my criteria in choosing a purse anymore, lol.
    I don't know why women do that. I spose if you live in town you can dress like that, Lord knows I used to years ago. But out here, the gravel ruins a pair of heels in no time, not to mention the animals are just not impressed.


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