Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Porch Garden

My porch garden is finally coming together. Awhile back we found the antique fence and put it up. Then Buddy found an antique gate on one of his job sites and the owner told him he could have it so it got hung today. Yipee! With the weather we've been having, it won't be long before I can go out there and start planting. Come on spring! I pulled the Carolina jasmine out of the barn and put it back. It's been living in the barn with the recent ice storm. Can you believe it? One day it's 16 and now today it's 76. I figured as much... we get the wood stove put in and we have a Texas heat January.
The chickens are loving this weather. I've got 20 chickens and I'm getting 15 eggs a day. I love my chickens. They are mixed sex links and 5 Ameracaunas. I get 4-5 green eggs a day so I know the schedule of the Ameracaunas but I don't know which, if all, of the sex links are laying.
In the meantime, I've got lots of eggs.
I've been out of it lately...I just got word from Mandi over at Herban Homestead that I need to get my seed potatoes in the ground. Yikes! We just need to put the tractor back together. We've had the starter in the shop. Thanks, Mandi, for keeping me on my toes!
Happy Trails...


  1. Gardening plans in January??!! Oh my! We still get snow and freezing temps up here in the mountains, all the way into late May. Last year it snowed on Memorial Day. lol!

    Needless to say there won't be any planting or gardening around here for a few more months.

    76 degrees? wow! Will it get back to being wintery again, or is winter over for you?

    That's a cute little garden area with the picket fence.
    What are you planning on growing this Spring?

    Enjoy all those yummy eggs!


  2. Hey Berte - Yeah, its ME! It was nice to see you on Rhonda's blog. Isn't it a great place to go???
    Thanks for coming by with your kind comments!

    Can you believe this weather? You're getting warmer temps than us - around 70 here - and I can't believe it's time to think about the garden. I got my onions yesterday and am anxious for the rain to pass on by so I can get them in. I need to get my potatoes in, too, here in the next coupla weeks.

    I like your little garden - whatcha gonna put in it? Looks like what they call a "kitchen garden" when you could put herbs and stuff like that.

    I love your little fence and gate. I have a couple of pieces of picket but it's not painted and it's held together by wire instead of boards. I'd like to do something with it like you have.

    I think I've about talked Tony into letting me get some more chickens. I'm trying to decide about letting them free range or keep in a pen or a little of both. I've seen a pair of hawks and at least one big ole owl around the farm from time to time. Have you lost any of your hens to hawks or varmints?

    Gotta go fix supper - take care!

  3. Planning a garden in January? I am so jealous!! I guess I could go out and try and imagine a spot--Maybe it would warm me up a bit! :-)

  4. Time to prune the pecan trees and then put out fertilizer! Gotta get the grape vines pruned rest for the weary!

  5. Say.......the fence turned out so nice! What a wonderful garden porch it will be. Blessings,Kathleen

  6. Farmer said I need to start planting early spring stuff soon like potatoes or cabbage if that's what I'm gonna do. Leaving in the morning for Florida, though, so will have to plan later. Hmmm...
    Still no eggs since before Thanksgiving! Stupid chickens.

  7. There is nothing like the smell of dirt when you are planting... and, I think the potato planting is always the best. Must just be the first smell of spring on the way! Enjoyed the visit via Texas Blogging Gals. Nice to meet you.

  8. Hi Berte!

    I can't believe it's garden time. Whew, I need to get the ground ready.

  9. Cute Garden area! I envy your fresh eggs:)


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