Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Working

No pictures on this post..just a quick note to say that all my efforts on cutting back are paying off. I was anxiously waiting for the electric bill to come in to see if there was any difference. Buddy told me not to be too disappointed because the heater ran almost constantly when the temperature outside never got aboving freezing for three days. But the bill came in and I was pleasantly shocked...we REDUCED our bill by 27%! It does work! I used to go in a room and flip on the light (in the bathroom we have two fixtures with three lights each) ...don't do that anymore. I have learned to function in low light or when I do turn on lights, it's only a few with those corkscrew looking bulbs. At night, we cut down the heater and put more blankets on the beds. During the day, just layered on more clothes. It's the little things adding up.
No, we haven't cranked up the wood stove's been in the mid 70's here lately. What happened to winter? We got our winter bunched up into a week!
Happy Trails...


  1. WOW, what a difference that has really added up and paid off!!
    We started turning our heat way down at night too. It always bothers me to wake up during the n ight and hear it running when we're all cozy in bed--We also do the same thing during the day when we're not here--I don't think the dogs mind! It's warming up here in Virginia, and I'm glad for the chance to thaw out! Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. good for you...I think its going to get cold again next week..

  3. 27% is awesome. We keep our heat low and bundle up, too! =)

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments, Berte. Yes, Frankton is close to us on Lake Palestine. It is beautiful country... like all of Texas. =)

  4. Good for you. It's a shame that it's taken a sore economy to force us to make changes here at my house. I can see the waste now and lament our wasted dollars. Isn't it exciting? I may blog on my changes too.

  5. GOOD news! I think it makes a different. I operate in low light, too. I don't have ceiling lights in my house, just lamps. I do love those corkscrew bulbs, they last forever! Can't believe it's in the 70's there!? That would be confusing to the poor plants and animals. It's only January, you could still get more snow, LOL! ;) Happy weekend!

  6. Yes, the little things do add up! My DH & I have done it for a year now. First we un-plugged everything we don't use(all the time). People don't quite understand electricity, meaning when plugged into outlet the electric runs from pole (source) to outlet waiting to be used, if unplugged it stops that flow. This is important to know because once the energy passes the meter and waits for use, you have already paid for it!!!!

  7. Wow thats great!! Wish we could have some savings like hope for us!

  8. Good for you! It's the small changes that really do make a difference.

    70's?????????! I would SOO love to have some 70's around here. We've got single digits, ice, snow and biting blasting wind! Brrrrrr!

    Winter has arrived full force here.


  9. Mornin' Berte - WOW - you did good on your energy savings. I need to do more of that. Our bill at the farm was doubled. Since it's on a pier and beam I think it used more electricity with those freezing days trying to heat up underneath. The pipes froze despite leaving the heat on. But I left it only at about 64 degrees. Oh well. I DO need to unplug everything we're not using tho. I'm bad about leaving things plugged in. We had 70's last week, too. Sure felt springy! I got my garden tilled up this weekend so I'll be settin my onions out this week if I don't blow away... have a good one!

  10. Way to go..I find that the cork screw type lights do not emit the same amount of light..maybe it is because we live further north and are darker. It seems to me that someone should be able to perfect a good energy efficient light bulb.
    We have a outdoor wood stove for heat and hot water..we are always cozy at 72 degrees..and the furnace hardly ever runs..well when it gets below zero..:(

  11. We have your winter here in the Ozarks this year. Yet another major winter storm is movin' in packing that Ozarks ice that takes down the electrical lines. It's not rare that we go a week or more without power here on the Missouri Ponderosa. I am amazed your cut your bill by 27%, that's impressive.

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!


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