Monday, January 11, 2010

Sending Warm Wishes Your Way

A few of us Texas gals got together and wanted to send some warm Texas thoughts and wishes to all you battling snow and below freezing temperatures. It's been cold here but nothing like what y'all are having to deal with up north.

So we're collecting a few of our pictures from the past in hopes of bringing you a little sunshine and hope that warmer days are ahead.

Take off your coat and take a walk through our orchard and feel the warmth of the sun on your arms and the sun glaring in your eyes as you walk through the field of flowers. Can you hear the birds singing as the fly from tree to tree chattering about their newly built nests full of anticipated little chirps?

Oops, watch out..don't run over the new litter of baby armadillos. Don't worry, they can't see you but they can smell you.

Keep on walkin'..the heat is turning up..can you feel the crunch of the drying grass under your feet?
And Jess no longer has her winter coat but a slick warm coat shining in the sun.
Don't go far...I'll be back with some more warm thoughts coming your way.

Warm and Happy Trails...


  1. Love the warmth that is coming from your post! blessings,Kathleen

  2. Those are definitely some of the prettiest photos I've seen in a long time, Berte! I love the pecans and the buttercups underneath all waving in the breeze. Just beautiful! Mind if I use your picture for my computer desktop background? I just LOVE it! I can just feel that warm wind! You did GOOD, my Texas friend!

  3. Aaaahhhhh....Just what I needed; a little bit of warmth in the middle of a cold day!! GREAT pictures!! Thanks for helping me to remember what I have to look forward too in 70-ish days! :-)

  4. Vickie, feel free to use it for a desktop. I did the same thing at work. I was trying to find one without the date but no luck. This does help to brighten up my day!

  5. Mmmm....that warm sunshine was so nice. I was thinking of napping in the hammock over there. I might feed the armadillos some grub worms. Boy, that horse looks well fed! Thanks!

  6. I feel warmer already!

    I bet Jess is using up her nice round grass belly right now but can't wait until summer to get all filled up again for next winter. hehe!

    Baby Armadillos? I'd love to see some personally! Too cute!What are baby armadillos called? Kits? Pups?


  7. Ha! Good question. I have no idea the proper term for baby armadillos...I just call them baby armadillos!
    And, yes, when the green grass went away, so did Jess's big belly. Right now she's out there staring at me to come take off her blanket. Pleeezz...

  8. Those are some nice, warm pics, I especially love the last one with all the trees, the green grass and the horses grazing in the background....ahhhhh....can't wait for that here again....but it's gonna be awhile.... we still have ice and snow on the ground....:(

  9. Thank you for the beautiful virtual warm day. Baby armadillos!
    Wow! I didn't know they lived long enough to multiply:) You're a sweetheart Berte!

  10. Aw, thanks! I can just feel the warmth! We've no snow and cold temps here....just wet rain! ;( I'd rather have a couple days of snow, it's so peaceful. But I'm ready for summer and trail riding, too!

  11. Looks like great weather to me..Thanks! :)


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