Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chicken pen and Washtub gardening

 Very slowly but surely, the chicken pen is making some progress.  We're gonna have to pick up some speed because these four little turkey poults are gonna be too big for their brooder.  I've also ordered my chicks which are will be ready for pickup on the 16th.  I ordered the same ones I had in the past - black sex links, yellow sex links, ameracaunas, barred plymouth rocks and, a gentleman, Salmon Faverolle rooster.  I love the sex links because they are the ones that love laying in the winter.  I went with the Faverolle rooster because of their sweet demeanor.  I would like to get some Faverolle pullets but Ideal was out.  Once we get the pen ready, I will acquire some various pullets that are already laying.  I've bought farm eggs locally but, for some reason, they just don't taste the same as "home grown".
Hahaha...I just looked at my picture, my chickens are NOT going to be hooked up with satellite tv!...that's coming down.
 We've had different gardens in the past years and they always seem to get out of hand.  Or maybe I'm just too lazy to keep up with them.  I know I'm late planting but I went with putting a few plants in washtubs.  I did a few last year and they worked well.  I went to the antique store to find some more washtubs...yikes! they're pricey!  This year I'll be buying from the local farmers market and putting up.
Another issue we've been tossing around is selling this place and moving closer to our church - we've decided we're staying put and will continue the long drive.  When God called Buddy to start a church 45 minutes from here, we knew it wasn't going to be easy.  Think about it...when God asked men of the Bible to do something, it was never an easy task.  Can you imagine what people thought of Noah when he was out building an ark?  We had this place on the market last summer with no prospects and the economy doesn't look any more inviting now.  We know that God will lead us in the right direction on when and where to go. 
Happy Trails...


  1. love the washtubs. hope you can find more that are affordable. :)

  2. Yay chicks on order! You better get going on your coop. Yes it is hard to trust that our Lord knows whats best for us and that he has plan for us. It's not my will - it's Thy will.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  3. Cant wait to see your chicks when you get them & the coop... all that good stuff. If I didnt have my own chickens, that get to free range then I would have to find eggs that came from free ranging chickens, not chickens in a pen that dont get to get out & eat all the good grass, bugs & grubs. I really think it makes a huge difference in taste. I like your washtub garden, we just planted a HUGE garden last weekend. Your right God will lead you in the right direction.

  4. Are you sure the chickens wouldn't enjoy some late-night TV watching?!? LOL!!
    It is probably best to hold off on selling until this economy starts getting better...

  5. Love your chicken coop,I am sure it will be a dandy for the little peeps. The wash tubs are a great idea.I just came across one today as we were in a old shed here on the farm. What did you plant in yours?
    I enjoyed reading all your posts and love your blog,Now that I have found this blog I will be back for daily reading.
    If you get a chance please stop by mine.


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