Monday, May 28, 2012

Boy, Was I Wrong!

How could I miss all these cute little toes?  I thought my rooster was the little dark chick but then I remembered that Salmon Faverolles have 5 this is my little man.

The Ameracaunas have the sweetest fluffiest cheeks!  I have three dark ones and they are getting heavy and so much bigger than the others.  The other Ameracauna is going to be white.  She's the one in the upper right hand corner of the picture.
The little chicks are growing and have been moved out to the playpen area of the chicken yard during the day and come in at night because they're not completely feathered out. I'm anxious to get them in their chicken house but won't push it.
You can see the turkeys hanging around the chicks. 
Unfortunately, these are two of the four poults left.  Two died overnight in their house.  I think they flew up too high on the roost and fell to their death.  It was soooo sad.  I think I have a tom and hen left.  A few more weeks and maybe I'll be able to tell.  There seems to be a difference in the two already.  I'm growing pretty fond of these ugly little birds.  When I open the back door, they come running.  It seems they can't get close enough.
 The chicken pen has a hot wire running along the bottom completely around it.  A few of the dogs have already been zapped and won't go near it.  Did you notice the satellite dish is gone?  Poor little chicks, no more night time tv.  We're still wanting to get some netting to tent over the top of the pen.  I've seen it on Randall Burkey.  Can anyone recommend a good source for getting the netting?
Happy Trails...


  1. Berte - sorry you lost a couple of your turkeys. And I didn't know those chickens had 5 toes! Learn somethin' every day... I sure do like your big pen. I'm trying to get my hubby to build me one like that so I can let my chickies range. They are tired of staying in their small pen, altho it's a good size. I need them to free range... Hope you had a nice holiday!

  2. I think the little turkey babies are so cute. So sorry you lost some. Love the little chicks and that very nice run you have.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  3. Sorry you lost some turkeys. The set up for the chickens looks nice. I'm sure a good zap will keep critters away from them!

  4. Sorry about your little turkeys. That is some pretty deluxe accomodations for your chickies! Love learning about the toes for the Salmon Faverolle roosters! :)

  5. Beautiful chicks! Very good shot of the little toes, I imagine that was a tricky picture to capture. And the pens look great! I'm also sorry about your turkeys. Farming seems to include lots of good-bye moments!


  6. *Squeeeal* Such cute little fuzzy babies! Sorry about the turkeys~ I hope these two make it!

  7. Sorry you lost your turkeys.Those Bourbon Reds are sweet little poults.Your little chicks are cuties!

  8. The chickies are so cute. The chicken house & pen all looks great.


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