Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Turkey Hunts and Baking

Ya'll are gonna get sick of my posting about these turkeys but I never dreamed they would be so amusing.  I sure hope this one is a girl because I keep calling her "What's the deal, Lucille?"  She will not stay in the tub.  I'm trying not to get attached to them but, regardless, this one is a keeper.  It just insists on being noticed.  I finally had to put wire over the top of the tub to keep me from going on turkey hunts.
Tonight is Bible Study so I had to fix something to take for dessert.  This is Lemon Crumb Cake.  I actually needed something quick so I used a Duncan Hines cake mix and got the recipe off their website.  Looks and smells good...I think I'll drizzle some lemon sauce over the top... Yummmm.

Here's yet another batch of One Rise Bread.  You can find the recipe here.  This time I used honey instead of sugar.  Can't wait to try this too!!  Oh my goodness, it smells so good.
Happy Trails...


  1. OMGosh, that turkey is so blasted cute. Plus I have now gain 10 pounds just looking at your yummy cake and bread. You see I can't stop at just one piece!!

  2. MMMMmmmm I can smell the loaves of bread and the lemon dessert you made looks so good. Have fun with your little turkeys.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm that lemon cake looks good!!!! that turkey is cute. i guess she likes to be with you if she won't stay in the bucket. if it is a girl. have fun with her!

  4. Nah, we won't get sick of seeing your cute little turkeys! :)
    The cake looks great and I'll bet your bread is extra good with the honey!

  5. I would be the same way if I had a turkey or two, too! Keep posting about them, because I live vicariously through people like you!!

    PS: your cake really looks yummy!!

  6. Oh good, I'm not the only one who's been having to put turkeys back where they belong all the time. Every time I go out to the brooders, they hop the wall. And then there are turkeys running all around my feet.

    Unfortunately, the one who hops it the most is the one who's slated for eating this Thanskgiving. Dangit.

  7. Who would have expected that baby turkeys would be so cute? Not I, at least.

  8. Lucille seems like a perfect name! Your baking looks yummy! :)


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