Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Early Morning Ride

Nothing like an early morning ride before the hustle and bustle of the day and triple digit temperatures.  It's been too hot later in the day to do anything! 

Today's lesson:  prepping your horse for the ride, saddling, riding the roads, unsaddling and putting up horse and tack.

All went well and we had a most enjoyable ride.

Back home just as the cropduster hit the fields.  Awww...
Happy Trails...


  1. It looks like there is something so peaceful about riding a horse! I'm glad you found my blog, I've added yours to my blog list so I can be sure to keep up with yours too. :)

  2. Aw, what I wouldn't give to have an early morning ride! Looks like such fun - to be out before most everybody else in the (almost) cool, talking to God & telling him how beautiful the day is!

  3. SO I'm trying to not be jealous of your early morning ride. What I wouldn't do to start my day off like that! The pics are great and I'm glad you had a nice ride.

  4. Hi, Im a new follower from Life at Golden Pines. I live in Texas so I feel your pain on the triple digit heat.

  5. Nice. Really beautiful. I really wish I had the room & money for about 2 or 3 horses so we could learn about them, love & ride them. I really like horses just never had the opportunity to be around them.

  6. Soo hot...Even first thing in the morning...Always nice to be on horseback though...


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