Sunday, June 24, 2012

Around the Chicken House

Look what Jacob made for me!  Originally intended for cedar stays but I kinda like the rustic pecan limbs. 

The turkeys love it!

Jacob has been working hard. He rehung the hinges on the trap door to the chicken house so I can close it from the outside.  And Lucille is always right under foot making sure everything is done just right.  I'm hoping this is a "Lucille"...I'll show more pics of her later.

 These silly chicks sleeping on their sides.  The one little Buff Orpington will sleep on her back with her legs stuck straight out.  Still hoping to catch a picture of that! It's hilarious!

This is Lincoln.  He has already displayed his feathers. 
Two of the three 6 mos Black Australorp pullets.  I couldn't stand it.  I had to have something to start giving me some fresh eggs.

Now I'm hoping this is a hen.  When I brought in the new pullets, "she" semi-fluffed her feathers out.  She is much smaller than the tom and not displaying the same physical features as him.  Does anyone out there in blogland that has turkey hens ever have one that displays it's feathers?  I read online that some hens do this.

Happy Trails...


  1. no help from me. but jacob made a very cool perch!

  2. I don't have any experience with turkeys. I have two chicks that I let my Buff Orpington hatch. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they're hens.

  3. I love the perch. Cute turkeys! I have no idea about turkeys, so it will be interesting to read about your discoveries!


  4. I hope it's a hen too! The perch is very cool and since it's turkey approved, what more could one ask for!

  5. I love the way the perch is held together with the grapevine wreaths! I don't know turkeys at all but that second one sure looks like a hen to me, as opposed to Lincoln!

  6. We made ladders with sticks and twine in our coops for the chickens. They love it!


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